Job Information

Job ID: 376
Updated: 12/7/2018 9:09:49 AM
Job Title: Peer Engagement Specialist
Location: Rochester, NY

A Brief Job Description:

The Peer Engagement Specialist (PES) will engage people in the emergency rooms, hospitals, and community settings in various counties throughout the HHUNY Network. The PES will also be involved in ensuring enrollment in Health Homes as well as assisting with arrangement of  follow up appointments for enrollees post discharge. The target population will be individuals who have been hospitalized for mental illness. There is an expectation that the PES will spend a significant amount of time at the hospitals engaging with individuals, with a focus on an effective hand-off between the hospital social worker and the PES staff. 

Contact Information

Program/Department: Health Homes of Upstate NY
Contact: Coordinated Care Services, Inc.