Cultural Competence and Health Equity

Innovative Transformation, Culturally Intelligent Change

Cultural Competence (CC) and Health Equity (HE) are an integral part of CCSI's array of services and critical to helping our customers engage with diverse populations, deliver effective services and achieve intended outcomes. Our Team will aid your organization to enhance your practices and programs, by formally incorporating CCHE components into system and program planning.  Through various activities: examining current practices; strategic planning and implementation; and specialized education and development of your leadership, workforce, customers and stakeholders, your organization could enjoy improved outcomes.

The CCHE Transformative Process:

CCHE Readiness Questionnaire (online) 

A current state evaluation of your organization’s history, development, values, and operational climate- as well as the levels of cultural awareness of top management, supervisors, and staff - all that are essential in the development of an effective transformative strategy.

Organizational Diversity Survey (online) 

An anonymous survey completed by your staff that collects the demographic composition of your organization.  This information aids in diversity initiatives and strategic recruitment, promotion and retention of a diverse workforce.

CCHL Organizational Assessment Tool (online) 

A self-assessment process used to aid in your organization’s transformative process and the improvement of internal and external customer service delivery to culturally diverse populations: including specific strategies that address cross-cultural areas of strength and those that require improvement to engender the enhancement of staff attitudes and practices, and organizational policies, procedures, supports, and structures. 

CCHE Consultation & Technical Assistance 

Introduces CCHE as a way of doing business and is a developmental process, focused on change management, with the goal to promote positive movement in achieving desired organizational and customer outcomes.  Coaches, mentors, and supports leadership, through adaptive approaches, while they are engaged in managing change within their organization. Provides technical assistance and supervision support in building a CCHE workforce.

Professional Development (varied modalities)

CCHE training and resources are designed to increase participant awareness and knowledge, build skills and competencies, and to drive practice change within your organization.

The Prevention, Access, Self-Empowerment and Support (PASS) Program

An innovative, curriculum-based prevention program for adolescents who experience challenges in their daily lives, or whose parents are contending with mental health issues. A strength-based approach aides participants and their families in developing the resources needed to maintain healthy and fulfilling lives.  Learn More about PASS.

Poverty Simulation

A highly interactive experience infused with cultural nuances, designed to help participants better identify with the needs of individuals contending with poverty. Decision-makers peek into the realities of the impoverished to better inform policies and service delivery, and professionals and community stakeholders gain empathy and awareness for the diverse world in which they work, live, play and worship. This 3-hour exercise includes the simulation, pre-/post-survey, and a debriefing at the conclusion.  A 2-hr follow-up session, 6-8 weeks after the Poverty Simulation, is a facilitated discussion where participants are guided to determine their “Commitment to Action” in addressing poverty.  Click here to learn more.

Community Stakeholder Forums - “Voice Your Vision”

An intentional and safe space for community stakeholders to express their “truth” and detail their experiences as service recipients.  Translating the collection of voices to inform critical policy-making activities in devising solutions to address programmatic, organizational, and systemic challenges and barriers.





Director - Cultural Competency and Health Equity

Ms. Reid-Rose leads CCSI’s work in the areas of Cultural Competence and Health Equity. With more than two decades of experience in the behavioral health field, she has served as a consultant and educator at the state, regional and national levels. Ms. Reid-Rose has extensive expertise in developing and implementing cultural competence assessments, training initiatives, and programs - helping agencies understand where they are on the continuum of cultural competence and then identifying...Read More



Senior Consultant Cultural Competence & Health Equity

Nancy Sung Shelton, M.A., works in the capacity of Senior Consultant, Cultural Competence & Health Equity at Coordinated Care Services, Inc. In her role, Nancy provides an array of consultation, technical assistance, and training support to organizations, their leaders, workforce, service recipients, and stakeholders. She has more than twenty years of experience working with diverse populations in a variety of management and leadership positions. Her work...Read More

Cultural Competence Webinars

Me... You... We... Us: Cultural Competence, Health Literacy and Community

CCSI’s Director of Cultural Competence and Diversity Initiatives, Lenora Reid-Rose, MBA, provided important information about the development and implementation of culturally competent practices as a way to improve outcomes in our transforming Behavioral Health managed care system. Her presentation had a strong focus on effective strategies for community engagement.

Presenter: Presenter: Lenora Reid-Rose, MBA, Director of Cultural Competence, CCSI

Date and Time: 12/16/2015 12:00:00 AM

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