Cultural Competence

Cultural competence is an integral part of CCSI's services and is critical to helping our customers engage with diverse populations, deliver effective services and achieve intended outcomes. CCSI is recognized for our cultural competence leadership at the state and national levels, and our staff has created the tools and supports needed to help organizations at any stage of their development. We assist our customers in understanding, developing and implementing culturally competent practices and programs, including incorporating cultural competence considerations into system and program planning, laying the foundation for examining current practices and conducting specialized education and training.

The Prevention, Access, Self-Empowerment and Support (PASS) Program

P.A.S.S. is an innovative, curriculum-based, statewide prevention program that works with teens who experience challenges in their daily lives, or whose parents are seriously and persistently mentally ill. Participants report having emotional issues revolving around building and maintaining relationships; anger management; feelings of frustration; distraction; lack of self-control; poor decision making; inability to finish tasks and an overall lack of focus. The therapist data indicates that some of the participants have serious challenges with aggressive, suicidal and/or self-destructive behavior and substance abuse.

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2013 PASS Graduation - Story and Photos



Director – Cultural and Linguistic Competence

With more than two decades of experience in the behavioral health field, Lenora has served as a consultant and educator at the state, regional and national levels. She has extensive expertise in developing and implementing cultural competence assessments, training initiatives, and programs - helping agencies understand where they are on the continuum of cultural competence and then identifying critical changes in policy, practice, education and training needed to support continued progress...Read More

Cultural Competence Webinars

Me... You... We... Us: Cultural Competence, Health Literacy and Community

CCSI’s Director of Cultural Competence and Diversity Initiatives, Lenora Reid-Rose, MBA, provided important information about the development and implementation of culturally competent practices as a way to improve outcomes in our transforming Behavioral Health managed care system. Her presentation had a strong focus on effective strategies for community engagement.

Presenter: Presenter: Lenora Reid-Rose, MBA, Director of Cultural Competence, CCSI

Date and Time: 12/16/2015 12:00:00 AM

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