We are extremely pleased to announce the creation of CCSI’s Center for Collaboration in Community Health, a re-imagining and expansion of CCSI’s Quality Improvement and Technical Assistance services.   The publically funded health care delivery system is changing dramatically – greater emphasis is being placed on person-centered and recovery-focused practices and effective integration of physical and behavioral health services; there are heightened expectations for outcomes management, use of evidence based practices, and development of effective care management practices; an increase in the array of services being covered by Medicaid Managed Care.  In anticipation of much greater accountability placed on providers for “measuring what matters” and demonstrating impact, we have augmented and realigned our resources to help meet these needs.



Director – The Center for Collaboration in Community Health

John Lee is the Director of the CCSI Center for Collaboration in Community Health. He has worked for both Community Care Behavioral Health Organization (CCBHO) as well as Beacon Health Strategies, most recently in the role of Program Director for the Western Region Behavioral Health Organization (WRBHO) initiative. In addition, John served as Vice President for Highland Hospital of Rochester for a number of years. John holds an MBA with a certificate in Health Administration from Cornell...Read More



Associate Director - The Center for Collaboration in Community Health

Dr. O’Connor joined the CCSI team to help develop and expand services for child-serving organizations and to contribute to the growing research and development initiatives of the Center for Collaboration in Community Health.   Previously, Dr. O’Connor’s experience has centered on improving the quality of care for children and adolescents with various mental health disorders. Dr. O’Connor received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University at...Read More

Meet Our Team

CCSI’s Center for Collaboration in Community Health brings together a team of staff members with demonstrated expertise in the areas needed to help our customers meet these increasingly complex requirements, including: data capture, storage, and visualization; statistical methods; financial analysis and management;  program development; program evaluation and quality improvement;  training /practice implementation support; and stakeholder engagement.   We believe that providing an efficient way to access this full range of expertise and support will help us to deliver the integrated solutions our customers need to understand and articulate their impact on the system of care.  

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Examples of Our Work

CCSI’s Center for Collaboration in Community Health supports human and health services customers in identifying and tracking measures that accurately reflect the impact of their work on the individuals being served and the system of care as a whole. Examples of our work include:


Consolidated Fiscal Report (CFR) 101

This one hour webinar is an introductory training for directors, leadership and new staff around NYS’s Consolidated Fiscal Report (CFR). Participants will learn about this NYS year-end cost report used for reporting revenue, expense, and units of services for provider service programs related to NYS Mental Health, Alcohol and Substance Abuse, People with Developmental Disabilities and State Education Dept. We will discuss what it is, what it is used for, what information goes into it, and...

Presenter: James Monfort, Senior Consultant and Manager of Financial Services | CCSI, Center for Collaboration in Community Health

Date and Time: 2/8/2017 12:00:00 PM

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Clinic Readiness in a Value-Based System

Clinic Readiness is a multifaceted concept that includes the use of technology to produce data-driven management of services through reliable reports, the use of person-centered collaborative clinical approaches, and the establishment of a link between Clinic and Finance to track fiscal viability. This webinar provides an overview of CCSI’s collaborative effort with a County Clinic provider who is actively putting all of these pieces together to function well in a Medicaid Managed Care and...

Presenter: David Eckert, LMHC, NCC, CRC | Senior Consultant, Center for Collaboration in Community Health

Date and Time: 3/7/2017 12:00:00 PM


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