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Open Enrollment is Here!

November 1, 2017- January 31, 2018

We’re excited to kick-off our 5th Open Enrollment Period!

Open Enrollment for Qualified Health Plans starts November 1, 2017 and ends January 31, 2018. By extending the open enrollment period beyond the federal deadline, consumers will have the time they need to consider health plan options and decide which plan is best for them.

Many individuals who qualify for federal tax credits to purchase a Qualified Health Plan will see premiums for comparable coverage decrease in 2018. As always, consumers have many plans to choose from, and more tools, like the NYS Provider & Health Plan Look-Up.

Together, we can get more New Yorkers covered than ever before!! To schedule an appointment with a member of CCSI's IPA/Navigator team to discuss what insurance coverage you may qualify for, please call our appointment line at (585) 613-7662. 



Trauma-Informed Care – Organizational Self-Assessment Tool

TIC-OSAT is a strengths-based organizational self-assessment tool that provides organizations with a point in time “snapshot” of where they are in their journey towards becoming trauma-informed. The tool employs the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) 10 Implementation Domains as a framework for guiding survey participants through a sequence of questions to assess implementation of trauma-informed care practices within their organization. TIC-OSAT allows organizations to view aggregated survey results from their leadership and staff and display these results within a concise, real-time report along with recommendations for bolstering Trauma-Informed Care practices. Click here to learn more and register.