2020 Annual Report:

Unprecedented Challenges. Unwavering Strength. Unbreakable Spirit.

A Message from Leadership... 

It’s hard to encapsulate a year like 2020 in an annual report as we are just beginning to appreciate the significant impact this year has had – and will continue to have – on our community, the nation, and the world.   We began the year with a clear sense of our priorities, and a strategy focused on enhancing services to meet important and increasingly complicated customer needs, strengthening our infrastructure, and continuing to support the CCSI workforce in delivering innovative, high impact services to people in need.  As the first quarter drew to a close, however, we had found ourselves quickly refocusing to respond to new and urgent needs stemming from the convergence of two pandemics: COVID-19 and systemic racism.  

These crises introduced new challenges and highlighted longstanding inequities with undeniable clarity.  It has been a time of anxiety, uncertainty, and tragedy.  But it has also been a time where we saw people at their very best, a time in which our community, our partners, and our workforce rose to meet these challenges in ways that were nothing short of heroic; showing incredible resiliency, giving hope, and beginning to build new paths toward a better future:

  • Funders joined forces to help direct resources to the most critical needs with great speed, efficiency, and generosity.  We thank them.
  • Organizations came together across all sectors, forging new partnerships, and working to ensure access to critical services and supports for those most in need.  We are grateful for these partnerships.
  • People mastered new tools and technologies to keep services up and running and turned back rooms, closets, and corners into workspaces, all while juggling demanding and complex caretaking responsibilities.  We continue to be in awe of what has been accomplished.
  • Despite the physical separation, there have been opportunities to connect on a very human level. We Zoomed into each other’s homes and met family and pets, deepening the ways we understand each other.  We are grateful for the new connections.

In this year’s report:

  • We share a few stories that highlight the impact of our work during the past year, together with so many community partners;
  • We thank our customers for the critical programs and services they provide – and for the trust they place in us to support their important work;
  • We lift up and celebrate the dedication, grit, and innovation we continue to see from the CCSI workforce; and
  • We acknowledge, with deep gratitude, the leadership and support from the CCSI board of directors.

With appreciation and hope for the years to come,


Anne Wilder
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.


Heidi Gregory, Esq.
Board Chair
Harris Beach PLLC