2021 Annual Report:


A Message from Leadership... 

The year 2021 marked CCSI’s 29th year of partnering with organizations across Upstate New York, and beyond, to develop and deliver programs and services, and to provide the specialized technical assistance needed to help individuals and families facing complex and urgent challenges, and in turn, to strengthen communities.   

Throughout 2021, we saw communities – and our system of care – still struggling mightily to address the significant impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on every aspect of our lives, and the racial disparities that this crisis has made ever more evident.  

It was  a year that continued to require each of us to bring to our work the determination, innovation, inspiration, and collaboration needed to develop and sustain meaningful solutions to complicated problems.  

It was also a year that reminded us of the importance of personal connection and community, and of the need to make sure that while focused on helping others, we don’t let our own tanks run dry.   

In this year’s Annual Report:

  • We highlight just a few of the many ways that our work is having an impact in the community, including:
    • Supporting Monroe County’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) for community members facing eviction;
    • Celebrating 20 years of service for the Consortium of Trauma, Illness and Grief in Schools (TIG), helping schools respond to the emotional needs of children, parents, teachers, and other staff stemming from trauma, violence, illness, grief and loss; and
    • A significant expansion of school-based Mental Health services in Onondaga County
  • We honor the CCSI workforce, knowing that our ability to live in to our mission is powered by the outstanding individuals who choose to make their careers at CCSI;  
  • We thank our customers for trusting us to partner with them in developing new ways to meet the needs of those they are dedicated to serving; and
  • We are grateful for the leadership and commitment of our dedicated CCSI board of directors.

We look forward to celebrating CCSI’s 30th anniversary in 2022, and to all the years to follow, with hope and with gratitude.


Anne Wilder
Coordinated Care Services, Inc.


Eve Hosford
Board Chair
Rochester Regional Health