2021 Annual Report:

Our Workplace Culture

Dismantling Racism and Building Equity in 2021

Rollout of the CCSI Anti-Racism Code of Practice:

Instead of remaining complacent and reactive to the effects of structural and institutional racism on historically minoritized people, CCSI has taken a proactive approach to combat racism in its commitment to creating racial equity and inclusiveness within our organization. Our Anti-Racism Code of Practice accompanies the CCSI Code of Business Ethics to hold CCSI accountable in actions, decision-making procedures, hiring practices, and community partnerships to be an exceptional place for individuals to grow and build a career, while expanding our capacity to invest in communities as an anti-racist organization.

Additionally, the Anti-Racism Code of Practice is used as the cornerstone of the CCSI strategic planning for organizational and operational goals, program management, and capacity-building efforts. The objective is to align the CCSI goals and practices with anti-racist and anti-oppressive lenses to best support our workforce, the communities, programs, and people CCSI engages with daily.

View the full CCSI Anti-Racism Code of Practice here.


Promoting a Transparent Culture:

Improving Racial Equity:

Monthly All Staff Town Hall Meetings
New Employee Meet & Greet with Leadership
REJI Group
Community Engagement
Standardized Interviewing
The monthly all-staff town hall meetings consisted of transparent information-sharing with the entire workforce on a variety of topics on a regular basis.
We launched a pilot program that paired white leaders with employees of color as mentors to help leaders recognize differences, understand the employee experience from an alternative perspective, and to learn and inform decision-making processes.
All employees hired within each quarter attend a meet and greet with the full executive leadership team as part of their onboarding process.
We continued the development of the internal Racial Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI) Team to develop actions and goals based on the Anti-Racism Code of Practice.
We increased our community engagement through webinar facilitations, presentations, and panels, and solidified community partnerships (Urban League of Rochester, Workforce Diversity Network, Leadership Rochester, etc).
All job candidates are assessed using our standardized interviewing rubric to provide equity and reduce biases in the hiring process.

Trauma Informed Practices

CCSI has enhanced our education on trauma responsive practices as we continue to adapt our approaches, policies, and procedures to ensure both individual and organizational responses are handled with compassion, and that CCSI’s culture supports resilience, recovery, and healing.

Dr. Elizabeth Meeker and team created a six-part Trauma Informed Practices Training Series. All employees were assigned these trainings in 2021 and were asked to participate in a Trauma Responsive Understanding Self-Assessment (TRUST) survey that allowed CCSI to have insight into current trauma-informed practices and identify opportunities for continued growth.


New Code of Business Ethics

The Code of Business Ethics (the Code) defines who we are and how we work together to achieve our goals.  More specifically, the Code sets out the basic rules, standards, and behaviors necessary to achieve the goal of conducting our work with honesty and integrity, in accordance with high ethical and legal standards, with respect for each other and those with whom we do business.

The CCSI Code of Conduct has evolved over the last 30 years and with the rapid growth of both our workforce and customer base, particularly over the last five years, it was clear that an enhanced guidance tool was needed to frame the CCSI culture of being “One CCSI” supported by a set of eleven commitments. The rollout of this new Code of Business Ethics began with our Board of Directors, as well as CCSI leaders and supervisors in the last quarter of 2021. Today, all workforce members have reviewed, acknowledged, and accepted incorporating the eleven commitments from the Code into their work life.

As a re-vamp of the current Code of Conduct was underway, the newly-emerging Anti-Racism Code of Practice was created; it was the perfect marriage and one that set a path for a CCSI cornerstone commitment within the Code: We make an individual commitment to work with intention and commitment to creating and maintaining an anti-racist work environment.

The CCSI Code of Business Ethics is our way of doing business, a way we treat each other daily, a way we believe in each other and in the work we do on behalf of our customers. We don’t just read the Code, we intentionally live into the words on the page.

View the full Code of Business Ethics here


Dare to Lead™ - Leadership Professional Development

The CCSI Executive Leadership Team (ELT)  completed a yearlong professional development series called Dare to Lead™ based on the research of Brené Brown, Ph.D. and facilitated by Kristin Woodlock, a Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator.

The ELT was immersed in tough conversations, dropping their armor, "rumbling" with each other, and building trust to become braver and more daring in how they work together, work with their teams, and cultivate a courageous culture for our organization.



At CCSI, we believe that supporting the health and wellness of our staff allows all of us at CCSI to do our best work – and to grow both personally and professionally. In 2021, CCSI focused on Financial Wellness, Mental Health, and Work/Life Integration strategies as part of CCSI’s ongoing commitment to wellness. This included:

  • Offering free, at-home, mobile diagnostic COVID-19 testing through EZAccessMD before at-home over the counter tests became available.
  • Offering free, in-office, COVID-19 vaccination and flu vaccination clinics in Rochester and Syracuse.
  • Staff participating in a Financial Wellness survey so that we could understand the financial challenges some employees and families may be facing and come up with some strategies and recommendations to support staff.  This resulted in an increase to the employer contribution for the Health Savings Account for the $50,000 – $124,999 salary benefit tier.
  • Webinars on planning for retirement and an overview of Medicare programs.
  • Webinars and resources on personal budget tools and savings.

On both CCSI’s intranet and external website, we have collected and shared a library of resources, facts, and supports in the areas of Mental Health Self-Care, COVID-19 Testing and Vaccinations, and Racial Equity & Justice. Some of the topics included: Managing Stress in Times of Crisis, Helping the Children and Youth in Our Lives Cope, Ten Ways to Take Ten, NYS COVID-19 contact tracing, as well as webinars, trainings and workshops on how to be anti-racist.