Each year the New York State Care Management Coalition Annual Training Conference attracts nearly 800 participants from the behavioral health care management community. The website for the coalition states that it’s the largest behavioral health conference in NYS. I had the honor of presenting a session on workplace inclusion this year in in Lake Placid, NY. The focus for this year was on being “The Gold Medal Winner of Integrated Care” and all of the different aspects of the work that go into providing high quality services in every field of work.

Various sessions took place in 75-minute blocks of time on varied topics in the areas of adult mental health, children, families, and different systems. With eight different sessions to choose from during each session block over two and a half days, there were more than enough topics and sessions for participants to choose from. Throughout the conference, Naloxone Rescue Training was offered several times.

Many of the sessions offered were eligible for continuing education credits. It was very refreshing to see the conference mirror the work being done in a literal and figurative way. Literally, the evidence-based practices that were presented on changes in care and the day to day functions of different positions were helpful for attendees. The figurative mirror of the work involved putting forth sessions that did not deal with the direct work each participant may do. Instead, session on Inclusion and The Power of Hip Hop, and even a keynote from an actor who does voice impressions, all speak to the understanding that each individual involved in care may need a different approach in order to be the giver or receiver of services. Additionally, there are many different aspects that make up a person, where they come from and how they view the world. Therefore, offering varied sessions with an array of focal points, allows those who give the care an opportunity to apply the filters and perspectives of their specific type of care and the population they work with.