The publicly funded health care delivery system in New York State has been rapidly transforming.  As part of the next stages of the NYS Delivery System Reform Incentive Payments (DSRIP) Program, the NYS Department of Health (DOH) Community Based Organization (CBO) Planning Grant for Rest of State has been underway.  Healthy Community Alliance, Inc. was awarded the $2.5 million NYS DOH planning grant for rest-of-state which provides funding to educate and assist community-based health and human service organizations with implementing results-focused business practices, so they are better positioned to engage in new revenue models that pay for the critical work they do to improve the health and well-being of New Yorkers. Through the grant, the newly formed CBO Consortium of Upstate New York is assessing the needs of CBO members and working as a collective to prepare nonprofit organizations that address critical health and human services to be valued partners in an integrated healthcare delivery system.  CCSI staff met with Ann Battaglia, Chief Executive Officer of Healthy Community Alliance, to learn more about how the Consortium supports their members.

What is CBO Consortium of Upstate New York?
We started CBO Consortium of Upstate New York last year to work with CBOs in this new healthcare environment and help them advance health equity and achieve better population health outcomes in their communities. We’ve built a consortium across 48 upstate counties in New York, made up of nearly 250 CBOs that address social and economic factors which impact health. Many of these CBOs have smaller budgets and do not yet have payment agreements with Medicaid for their services.  An affiliate membership level is also offered for larger CBOs and other partners. 

We give our members opportunities to learn how to identify, share and disseminate best practices and innovative strategies to measure, communicate and bill for the value they provide in improving health outcomes.  Our vision is to build and provide an integrated, holistic, culturally and linguistically responsive health and human services delivery system that results in equitable health and life outcomes.

Why is CBO Consortium of Upstate New York important for New York State?
While many smaller CBOs have long-standing, trusted relationships within their communities, they often do not have the infrastructure and expertise to pursue alternative revenue models or engage in more complex payment arrangements for the critical services they deliver.  We provide training on necessary tools and skills to strengthen these organizations. We’re also a strong advocate for the health and human services sector to help ensure that stakeholders and policymakers are aware of and informed on the critical role these organizations play in improving health outcomes and achieving New York State’s healthcare delivery system reform objectives.

How does CBO Consortium of Upstate New York support members?
Consortium members have access to shared resources such as training videos, strategic plans, structural support, advocacy, and collaborative partnerships within the network.  In working with Coordinated Care Services, Inc. (CCSI), we provide members with web-based and in-person trainings in areas such as: information technology, data collection and analysis, communication, performance metrics, contract negotiations and corporate compliance. Participating organizations also have the opportunity to work with consultants to build individualized business development plans. 

What’s still to come forCBO Consortium of Upstate New York?
We will continue to organize CBOs to have a voice in the implementation of the DSRIP Program and be active participants in the NYS healthcare delivery system.  Through promoting CBO collaboration, we aim to establish a sustainable model which includes the processes necessary to facilitate partnerships with Performing Provider Systems (PPSs), payors and value-based payment (VBP) readiness.  We will also further explore a financially sustainable infrastructure to meet ongoing and longer-term engagement of CBOs and further strengthen their role in healthcare system transformation. 

We recognize that across the 48 counties, each area of the state has their own unique needs, and various levels of support may be needed, so we want to ensure we’re best meeting the needs for each area by supporting the development of regional networks and community solutions that fully engage CBOs in the improvement of population health outcomes.  

If a CBO is interested in joining CBO Consortium of Upstate New York, what’s the criteria for joining, and how do they submit their interest?
Any CBO and interested stakeholder can go to our website to download and complete a brief form, and they can email TonySanfilippo,Rest of State CBO Planning Grant Project Manager, at with any questions.

For full membership and to qualify for the grant funded honorarium, we have four main criteria which include:

  1. Does not bill Medicaid or Medicaid Managed Care Organizations
  2. Has an operating budget less than $5 million
  3. Is a non-profit 501c3
  4. Has been addressing a social determinant(s) of health for more than two years in New York State

For more information on the Consortium or to learn if their organization is eligible to participate and receive participation incentives, they can call us at Healthy Community Alliance at 716-532-1010, visit  Also be sure to “Like” us on Facebook to get our latest news.