CCSI has been engaged in community work aimed at dismantling structural racism. Through this work, we have partnered with other community organizations and attended educational workshops, resulting in some internal shifts in thinking and doing. This is a journey with many different paths and resource jewels along the way which we have learned from, engaged in and shared with employees. One such jewel was discovered and shared with employees as a point of discussion and further learning.

Our Rochester staff began a journey of discovery, understanding, engagement and learning through a podcast which is informative, entertaining and educational. Produced by Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies, Seeing White looks at how the history of whiteness in action and privilege impact society today.  The first part of the Seeing White series begins with Episode 31: Turning the Lens (Seeing White, Part 1) which is just over 16 minutes long.

We initially began with monthly lunch meetings, open to anyone interested in attending, to discuss one part in the series at a time. Conversations have been hearty, emotional and thought provoking as we engaged in a shared experience and journey. As the series discussions continue, there is a realization that there are some concrete steps that organizations committed to addressing structural racism could take to make progress, starting first with developing a deeper, shared understanding of this complex issue. The benefits of this experience and having open dialogue can be felt and seen through interactions and in the work we all do.