The Antiracist Curriculum Project team has worked with students, educators, and community members in the co-creation, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum and instructional resources about Rochester’s local history of racism and civil rights. These resources allow learners to explore and interpret their local history through rich primary sources. The goal is to equip learners to be critical consumers of information, share their unique perspectives, and work collaboratively to make claims supported by evidence. Ultimately, the project works to cultivate more informed and engaged community members to build a more just and equitable society.

As the Co-Executive Directors of the Antiracist Curriculum Project, CCSI’s Kesha James and Shane Wiegand have been building and leading this project since 2020. They develop and deliver antiracist curricula to school districts, nonprofit agencies, for-profit agencies, government agencies, academic organizations, and other business sectors.

Visit their website at to view the curriculum materials by grade level. You will also find additional resources for other locations including Elmira/Corning, Syracuse, Binghamton, and the Wayne Finger Lakes Region.

To learn more about The Antiracist Curriculum Project watch this brief video, and connect with Kesha James at and Shane Wiegand at

Kesha James
Shane Wiegand