CCSI was proud to support this week’s New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) day-long conference in Albany on Quality Care in the Age of Managed Care: The Future of Addiction Services for Youth.  OASAS providers participated in a day of workshops and facilitated discussion, and had access to experts speaking about the future of addiction services for youth in New York State. Some highlights from the conference include:

  • Innovative, creative approaches to treatment including:
    • Meeting youth where they are and expanding treatment options beyond the 4 walls of the clinic
    • Equine therapy where the therapists take a step back and let residents simply be with horses as a path to move toward recovery and internal change
    • A therapeutic high school for teens that recognizes the need for a unique approach for adolescents that is differentiated from standard adult treatment
    • Problem Gambling support geared specifically toward youth
    • The Road Recovery program designed to provide peer support through music workshops
  • Increasing the focus of addiction services towards a youth and family perspective highlighted by a family and youth panel sharing candid feedback about their experiences – The importance of person-centered care was emphasized along with discussion on the importance of family in the treatment process. Panelists shared experiences that worked well for them such as the importance of being engaged in the treatment process, to how a simple element like how welcoming the front staff is, can make a world of the difference. There was also honest feedback about challenges encountered in the process. One example provided insight on the challenges young adults over 18 experience in the treatment process when working within an adult-centric system. This panel generated thoughtful and insightful conversations and was a very interactive experience for the audience as well as the panel members.
  • The conference also included breakout sessions with speakers covering topics to help support service implementation. CCSI’s David Wawrzynek, Senior Consultant, presented Fiscal Modeling Office Hours, where he provided support for using a modeling tool to develop cost and revenue expectations for implementing CFTSS services.  Briannon O’Connor, Director, Strategic Analytics & Performance Improvement, talked about Using Data to Drive Value. Briannon co-presented with partners from CASA Trinity and OASAS. Together they provided an understanding of the importance of metrics in today’s value-based environment, along with some real life experience from CASA and an overview of OASAS statewide metrics. OASAS provided a session on In-Community Services for Adolescents.

Overall the event provided a wide variety of topics and learning opportunities focused on the specific needs of addiction services focused on youth and adolescents.