Recognizing the unique challenges presented by the current events, the Wilson Foundation, ESL and the Rochester Area Community Foundation have partnered with CCSI to offer targeted support on enhancing trauma-responsive approaches as a core asset in recovery. Senior Consultant, Amy Scheel-Jones, facilitates these efforts and is privileged to support the cohort in their shared goal of delivering effective intervention and provision of support during unprecedented times. Organizational participants were identified from their previous participation in a three-year Trauma-Informed Care Learning Collaborative, and they represent a variety of education, human service organizations and county entities. 

Originally conceived as a response to emerging needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic, this project has been expanded to include key actions and information necessary to effectively respond to the important recognition of the pervasive negative impacts of racial disparities and violence. Learnings are also designed to translate across more typical forms of crises – enhancing participants’ ongoing trauma-responsive practice continuum of care. Emphasis will be placed on mitigating risk through effective crisis response strategies while promoting resilience and recovery through a Trauma-Responsive framework. Through this direct intervention, cohort participants can leverage their established relationships to sustain their trauma-responsive practice changes and apply these approaches to the current context.

Delivered virtually, all sessions are designed to build knowledge, collaboration, and self-reflection. Topics include:

  • Trauma-Informed Care in Times of Crisis
  • Assessment of Needs, Assets and Priorities
  • Enhancing Organizational Resilience
  • Response and Recovery

In addition to the four capacity-building collaborative sessions, each participant organization has access to consultation hours to support their ongoing response and recovery efforts in an individualized way. This multi-modal and flexible design offers a unique opportunity to invest in organizations that are serving our community’s most vulnerable populations with care.
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