What opportunity did Onondaga Community Living see?

After coming on board as the Executive Director in 2017, Dan Kelley saw a need to streamline and enhance the financial operations of the organization. Confusing reports and complicated methods for tracking expenditures meant it was difficult for staff and Board members to see the connection between finances and service delivery. With no finance executive in house, Mr. Kelley looked for an innovative way to shore up his financial expertise at a price the agency could afford. 

How did CCSI approach the work?

OCL engaged David Wawrzynek, a Senior Consultant at CCSI, to serve as its “virtual CFO.” David, who has more than 40 years of experience working in behavioral health as a clinician and finance executive, helped OCL restructure its finances and set up processes for tracking the utilization of self-directed client funds. David also facilitated a planning process with OCL that helped ready the agency for managed care and value-based payment. He continues to serve as a finance consultant to OCL’s Executive Director, finance staff, and Board, assisting with budgeting and helping lead OCL through changes in the health care environment. 

What were the impacts of CCSI’s work?

Today, OCL has a new finance system that can connect expenditures to the services and budget for each individual client. The improved system impacts every aspect of the organization – not only can OCL see utilization for each individual’s budget, they can also see profit and loss for each program and across the agency. “Our finances are now completely easy to read and understand,” says Mr. Kelley. “The Board and I and our finance staff really appreciate this – and so do our auditors.” David’s assistance with preparing OCL for managed care and value-based payment also put the agency on a firm footing for the future. Says Mr. Kelley, “Because of his help we are way ahead of the game in our service area.”

What were OCL’s insights?​

“David is more than a consultant to us,” says Mr. Kelley. “He’s also a mentor who helps me think things through around planning, budgeting, and measuring results.” Being able to bring on an expert of David’s experience on a part-time, contract basis has been the key to overhauling OCL’s finances in an affordable and effective way. “I wouldn’t be as confident about our budget and finances without David’s advice and help” says Mr. Kelley. “He’s given us a mechanism for moving forward.”