As Director of Program Management West, Andrea is responsible for customer relationship management across various customer sectors in Erie and Monroe Counties. Andrea works closely with CCSI's Chief Program Officer to collaborate with key stakeholders on positive outcomes and deliverables, enhancement of operations, and the development and engagement of staff. Andrea works closely with CCSI's internal departments and leaders, and is committed to demonstrating the organization’s mission, vision, and operating principles.

Andrea has more than 15 years of progressive and innovative leadership experience working with non-profit organizations in the human service field. Andrea has worked within the auspices of OCFS, OPWDD, DOH, OASAS, and OMH focusing on the development and improvement of quality programming, and alignment of policy and procedure in each of her roles. She has strong interpersonal skills to build and motivate effective teams and collaborative community relationships.

Andrea earned her Bachelors Degree at SUNY Brockport, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Social Work at the University at Buffalo.