As the Director of Operations for the New York State Trauma-Informed Network and Resource Center (TINRC), Anita manages the day-to-day operations for TINRC including team coordination, partner collaboration, budget monitoring, adherence to timelines, and more. The efforts of Anita and her team advance the learning, connection, and deepening of trauma-responsive knowledge and practices for organizations and communities across New York State. 

Anita is a passionate and transformative leader for systemic change, having worked across sectors for over 30 years supporting children and families on the individual, group, community, organization, and system levels. 

Anita is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has earned degrees from Syracuse University and the University of Maryland.

Prior to coming to CCSI, Anita was the Program Officer for the Great Rochester Health Foundation where she worked with stakeholders on a child health strategy focused on racial equity, parent partnership, and social-emotional wellbeing.