David Wawrzynek, MS, MBA is the Senior Director, Fiscal Practice Improvement for CCSI and for 32 years was Senior Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer at Spectrum Human Services which is a private, nonprofit community mental health organization in Western NY. David has more than 42 years' experience in public behavioral health and in his career, has worked as a Substance Abuse Counselor, Mental Health Clinician/Supervisor, Clinical Program Director and Executive Management CFO. David has joined his clinical training and experience with his business/financial training and experience to bring a unique perspective and set of skills to the efficient and effective management of behavioral health services. As a member of Executive management David has designed, implemented and monitored systems to support Information Technology, Human Resources, billing, budgeting, financial modeling and reporting, site operations, risk management, security, and change management. Over the last 10 years David has focused on the development of analytic data and financial modeling tools, communication and knowledge management supports to transform raw data into meaningful information to enable more effective strategic and operational insights and decision-making.