Denise Quamina, a Senior Consultant with the NYS Trauma-Informed Network and Resource Center (TINRC), recently retired from public education after a dedicated 32-year career. Working in both New York City and western New York, she began her professional journey as a mathematics teacher and finally retired as an assistant principal.

Throughout her extensive tenure in education, Denise has always been a champion for the wellbeing of the students she served. She became even more driven when she earned her master's degree in social work thirteen years ago. As a student in the social work program, Denise gained insights into adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and their profound impact on the brain, learning, and behavior when left unaddressed. Since then, she has passionately championed trauma-informed practices, delivering presentations to various audiences, including teachers, support staff, administrators, district personnel, security, and participants in groups addressing grief and loss. She is committed to viewing situations through a trauma-informed lens which has become an integral part of her personal and professional identities.

Denise's educational background include a bachelor's in Economic and Statistics, an Advanced Certificate in Administration and Supervision, a master's in Education, certification in Mathematics, 7-12, and a master's in Social Work.