Gabrielle Steinwachs, MA is a Consultant for Coordinated Care Services, Inc. (CCSI). She and her team collaborate with local and statewide organizations to develop, oversee, and deliver evaluation strategies to understand and improve the quality, value, and impact of programs and services. Gabrielle completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology at The College at Brockport. Gabrielle served as the Project Coordinator in the Health Risk Behavior Laboratory where her team examined family routines, parenting profiles, and adolescent and young adult health behaviors. These efforts led to publications in peer-reviewed journals including, Journal of Health Psychology, Journal of Child and Family Studies, and Addictive Behaviors. Ms. Steinwachs also completed original research examining social disclosure of child physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, and post-traumatic stress symptoms in adulthood. Gabrielle has worked professionally with children and families who have experienced trauma, unstable housing, substance abuse, and mental illness. She has provided risk assessment, risk behavior planning, and training for direct care professionals to safely support people transitioning from secure institutional care to community settings.