Jenna Velez, LCSW, Senior Consultant in System and Practice Transformation, joined CCSI in 2022.  Jenna brings extensive experience in behavioral health administration and direct service provision.  She managed the implementation of a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic model of care and promotes a whole-health approach to addressing complex medical and behavioral health issues.  Jenna also co-chairs the Westchester County Trauma Subcommittee, a cross-systems collaborative that facilitates trauma-responsive organizational change.  Jenna is a thought leader with a unique ability to identify innovative strategies for achieving outcomes.  Her enthusiasm and individualized approach provide leverage for engaging stakeholders in transformation.  Jenna has a passion for eradicating stigma and is dedicated to the promotion of trauma-responsive, resilience-oriented practices through training, advocacy, and program development.  Jenna received her BA in Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and her Master of Science in Social Work at Columbia University School of Social Work.