Jenna Velez is the Director of Practice Transformation in CCSI's Center of Excellence for Equity-Focused, Trauma-Responsive Practice. Jenna has extensive experience in behavioral health administration and direct service provision, as well as cross-sector collaboration and capacity-building. She embraces a strengths-based and individualized approach to training, coaching, and consulting, drawing from experience and knowledge of the complexities inherent in making and sustaining transformational change. Jenna is a thought leader with a unique ability to identify innovative strategies for achieving outcomes that reflect the unique values of each organization. Her combination of experience, warmth, and passion for the work allows Jenna to partner and engage various stakeholders in transformational change efforts.

Jenna's work at CCSI includes training on trauma-responsive practices in organizations, state and governmental agencies, and educational settings. She also guides organizational leadership through assessment and strategic planning, incorporating effective change management protocols to support implementation of practices that are impactful and sustainable. She collaborates with CCSI's other subject matter experts to provide an integrated approach that emphasizes diversity, equity and inclusion and includes data evaluation, and organizational effectiveness. Jenna contributes to the work of the New York State Trauma Informed Network and Resource Center, advancing trauma-responsive practices across the state.

Jenna received her BA in Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and her Master of Science in Social Work at Columbia University School of Social Work. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that draws upon the values of the profession to guide her work with integrity, competence, and respect for the dignity of all.