John Pavlack graduated from Purdue University in 1992 and immediately went to work in the behavioral health field. Across multiple roles, John worked with children, families, and adults in innovative, community-based programs with a focus on strengths-based practice and culturally-responsive interventions with an emphasis on autonomy.

In 2006, John commenced work as a Wraparound Facilitator, which led to his work as a trainer and program evaluator for Wraparound and Systems of Care implementation across the state of Indiana. John continued this work as a consultant and trainer for SOC and Wraparound in Oregon and Washington before relocating to Rochester, New York. John joined CCSI as a Program Manager in 2021 and transitioned to the Center for Excellence team in 2023 as a Consultant.

John is deeply committed to amplifying youth and adult voice through system and practice transformation. Inherent is the belief that holistic recovery prioritizes autonomy, equity, and dignity. As a trainer and consultant around trauma-informed practice, systems of care development, and motivational interviewing, John brings a deep set of direct experience to support these transformational concepts.