Each year CCSI conducts an employee engagement survey to get feedback from our staff about their work experience. This valuable information allows us to understand how we are doing as an organization in creating an environment that supports employees in doing their very best work – and is aligned with our values and operating principles.


Employee Testimonials

Learn more about CCSI directly from current employees!

“The Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) program allows me to work with seriously and persistently mentally ill individuals who have little or no community support.  AOT (or Kendra’s Law, as it is also known) mandates that community providers treat these folks. Seeing individuals that have limited access to help, get the services they need, is greatly satisfying. Watching teams work together to provide care to those that were without has been a wonderful experience.” 

~John Robbins, AOT Coordinator, Rochester, NY


“Working at CCSI has given me the opportunity to engage with, and learn from, a diverse group of incredibly welcoming, motivated, and informed individuals who feel the same sense of urgency about achieving our mission as I do. In my grant-funded role, it’s been clear from the start how the focus of my work in quality improvement and mental health outcomes fit into the larger goals of the organization. As part of the consulting team, I’ve received continuous support from fellow consultants, who are eager to cross collaborate and share knowledge, resources, and a seemingly unending supply of snacks. I greatly appreciate the supportive, flexible, and transparent culture that CCSI has cultivated – it’s one that I sense in every aspect of my work, from daily meetings and friendly step challenges, to professional development opportunities and initiatives to keep us safe and focused on our mission during a global pandemic.”

~Corinne Shanahan, Quality Improvement Specialist, Rochester NY


“I like the work that I do at CCSI because it gives me the opportunity to support members of my community who are in need. While I do not directly support students and families anymore due to my role as a program manager, I am still able to contribute by providing information to my family, friends, and other community members about resources that can help them. I get to support the staff who assist the people in my community. Our staff provides students with academic, behavioral, social, and emotional support, while connecting families to additional resources if needed.”
~Raquan Pride, Promise Zone Program Manager, Syracuse, NY


“I enjoy working at CCSI because of its fun and respectful work environment. I get to work with creative people who value quality, fairness, and best practice in our work. I feel good about what I do, and I am proud to be a member of my team.”

~Manny Rivera, Children’s Single Point of Access (SPOA) Supervisor,
Rochester, NY


“I really like the work I’ve been doing over the last 18 years with CCSI. As I began my first role at Broome County Mental Health (BCMH), I leaned heavily on CCSI Rochester staff. I so appreciated
their expertise, guidance and support, which helped me form the brand new position, Performance Management Analyst, under the direction of the Commissioner of Mental Health/Social Services. The collaboration between BCMH and CCSI has been vital to the growth and development of Performance
and Contract Management at BCMH.  Within the last 5 years, I became the Quality Initiatives Manager and Site
Administrator, and hired 9 staff to cover essential roles needed in BCMH.

Fast forward to today, my current position is the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Helping to End Addiction Long-term (HEALing) Communities Project Manager. My primary role is leading a large-scale multi-year research study, representing the Commissioner’s office to the Columbia University research team and to local partners. The goal is to reduce opioid overdose deaths by 40%. I love knowing that my work with CCSI is having a positive impact on my 

~Lynne Esquivel,  Project Manager, HEALing Communities Study, Johnson City, NY