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Strengthening Fathers, Families, & Communities

Fathers hold an essential role in nurturing healthy families and communities, yet often face barriers to full engagement.

Together we are working to build a system in Monroe County that actively supports and encourages the involvement of fathers and young men in their children's lives. We believe that a connected community is essential for success. Engaging Fathers builds partnerships across organizations and agencies, creating a robust network of resources and support for fathers and their families.

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Building trust and understanding between fathers and caseworkers. The program fosters open communication and collaboration between fathers and the Department of Human Services, leading to improved outcomes for families.


Workshops, training sessions, and one-on-one coaching. Fathers are given the opportunity to develop important life skills, such as financial management, communication, and job readiness.


Mentorship opportunities. Fathers are connected with successful role models who can provide guidance and support along their journey.


Improving the overall well-being of families. By providing access to resources such as housing assistance, healthcare, and educational support, the program helps families overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.


Fostering a sense of community and belonging. Engaging Fathers collaborates with community organizations to promote family-friendly events and activities.

Engaging Fathers initiative is making a significant impact on the lives of fathers and families in need. Through its comprehensive approach and commitment to collaboration, the program is helping to create a brighter future for all members of the community.

Core Values






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About the Staff

Steven Shannon Pic

Steven Shannon
Program Director
CELL: (585) 895-1975
OFFICE: (585) 613-7616

Born and raised in Rochester, NY, music has been a constant thread throughout Steven Shannon's life. He spent his formative years navigating diverse environments, from the challenging streets of Remington to the vibrant west side. These experiences instilled in him a unique perspective and a deep understanding of different communities.

Driven by a strong belief in the power of knowledge and legacy, Steven Shannon is passionate about passing down valuable information. He started playing instruments at a young age (saxophone, keyboard, drums) and recently picked up the acoustic guitar. This hands-on approach extended to his professional career in Information Technology, where he has held positions at Excellus BCBS, Paychex, and most recent serving as a PC Analyst at the New York State Unified Court System. In this role, he supported the hardware, software, and systems for the Judicial staff of the 7th district court.

Beyond his technical expertise, Steven is dedicated to his community. As Program Director of the Engaging Fathers and Young Men program, he works to empower families and strengthen the bonds between fathers and sons. He is also a devoted husband and father of three, finding balance between his professional and personal life.


Peter D. Hopkins
Fatherhood Specialist
CELL: (585) 603-8805
OFFICE: (585) 613-7686

Pete is a compassionate professional with over 15 years of experience helping others improve their lives. With a background in crisis mitigation as a 911 dispatcher and motivating others as a personal trainer, Pete has devoted his career to supporting others and helping them face difficult challenges. Pete also volunteers with local youth at TheHub585 and has a deep understanding of the complexities and unique needs of the people he serves.

Pete is best known for his empathetic nature and listening skills. He believes in fostering a safe and non-judgmental environment in which individuals can freely express their concerns and fears. With passion for making a long-lasting positive impact, Pete is dedicated to empowering individuals and helping them overcome obstacles. Pete’s passions are also deeply rooted in the ideology of diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments in which everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Pete believes in the power of hope and perseverance. Once homeless himself, Pete now shares a home with his four beautiful children.

Ben Blair Pic

Ben Blair
Fatherhood Specialist
CELL: (585) 738-1704
OFFICE: (585) 341-2204

Proudly married and soon to be father, Ben brings a wealth of marketing expertise to his role. Beyond his professional skills, he is deeply committed to initiatives supporting fathers' involvement in children's lives. Recognizing the critical role fathers play, Ben is dedicated to strengthening efforts to involve them meaningfully. With a focus on fostering stronger family bonds, he strives to make a positive impact in the community.


Jentavious Sampson
Fatherhood Specialist
CELL: (585) 683-9503
OFFICE: (585) 328-5190

With experience assisting The Fedcap Group as an Assistant Residential Manager focusing on developmental disabilities and autism, Jentavious now collaborates with Engaging
Fathers, linking fathers and young men with vital services to enhance their involvement in their children's lives. As a dedicated husband and father of three, Jentavious prioritizes strengthening familial connections within the community.

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