We work with organizations, local governments, and statewide agencies to improve the quality of services they provide. Offering technical assistance for both financial and clinical practice improvement, our array of assistance always focuses on building a culture of change. We share a practical operational perspective to promote a broader understanding of the need for change. By partnering with the other CCSI areas of practice, we ensure that the analytic and evaluative components are part of trauma-informed and DEI practices.


Fiscal Practice Improvement

Applying our social services experience and expertise. We help agencies improve workflows and increase efficiency of day-to-day financial practices, including revenue cycle management, program financial modeling, establishing essential fiscal reports, reducing billing denial rates, etc. Our team understands the staffing, workflows, technology, EMR structures, and best practices needed to support today’s complex billing environments. Our seasoned nonprofit professionals know the challenges customers face most often and how to apply state-of-the-art service delivery strategies to address them effectively.


Clinical Practice Improvement

Moving from your current to your ideal state. We have content expertise and extensive experience in helping behavioral health providers reduce wait times and implement open access. We help them utilize fiscal modeling and reporting in clinical practice, as well as PSYCKES to improve client linkage, engagement, and client show rates. We help agencies integrate medical and behavioral health care, maximize the appropriate use of billing codes, and implement a basic report set to monitor clinical practice. First, we help customers understand their current state of operations, and then partner with them to develop a culture of discipline and best practices to achieve their ideal state.


Systems-Level Improvement

Seeing beyond the individual agency. CCSI is responsible for the management of collaborative initiatives across New York State including, CFTSS, Crisis expansion, CORE support and others. We support numerous collaborative efforts, networks, and consortiums to implement change across multiple behavioral health and social service organizations who provide the full continuum of services.

Crisis Response Technical Assistance Offerings


Change Management

Creating the culture and tactics needed for progress. Using a disciplined approach, we help our customers build an environment and culture of change and adaptation, and then show them how the application of appropriate tools, such as lean six sigma strategies and other technical training and education, will help them achieve the quality improvement they need.


Reporting and Dashboards

Using data to drive results and demonstrate value. With expertise in data reporting and dashboard development, we help customers use accurate information to implement more meaningful program offerings, make more informed decisions, and run more efficient, data-driven agencies that better serve their clients.

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