Job Information

Organization: Hillside

Posting Start: 05/13/2021

Location: Rochester, NY

Job Title: Care Manager

Posting End: 07/31/2021

A Brief Job Description:

We are currently hiring for a Care Manager at our Rochester, NY location.

This is a full time – 40 hours per week position Monday to Friday.

The Care Manager has responsibility for working as a lead member of the care team using principles of assessment, care planning, service and community referrals, and evaluation to coordinate wraparound services using person centered strategies for referred participants. The caseload will be up to 50 active cases.

Care Manager Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

Responds to all referrals and begins outreach and engagement. Identifies ways to research and successfully find individuals that have been referred for Health Home services. The Care Manager screens, assesses and, as required, performs assigned daily on-call phone triage and walk-in support to assigned participant.
Provides supportive counseling and care management service to develop comprehensive care plan in collaboration with the participant and identified community agencies, as well as develop an individualized crisis plan.
Effectively identifies and uses available resources using current knowledge and awareness of agency and community services, and assumes an influential role in building recommended service options.
Acts as an advocate and broker for clients in making referrals to agency services and community programs, and supports linkage.
Uses knowledge, personal influence and persuasion to encourage and facilitate connection of participants and their families with continuing care services. Uses Person Center Planning strategies and build support team.
Establishes and maintains productive working relationships with community service providers to facilitate effective referrals and service evaluation. Connects all of an individual’s care givers so that the needs of an individual are met in a comprehensive manner to support the objective of wellness..
Works flexible hours including evenings, as determined by client needs, and effectively evaluates and responds to client needs outside normal service hours.
Facilitates, when appropriate, transportation for youth to and from services and other community services to facilitate youth’s ability to access services. If needed, may personally provide transportation.

Requirements: High school diploma/GED and at least 2 years of experience working with youth/families in the human services field is required. Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in the human services field (psychology, sociology, human services, nursing, counseling, etc.) are preferred. Applicants must have a valid New York State driver’s license and must agency driving and insurance requirements.

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