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Organization: FLACRA

Posting Start: 09/23/2022

Location: Clifton Spring, NY

Job Title: Chief Financial Officer

Posting End: 10/31/2022

A Brief Job Description:

This is not a remote position, we are located in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State.

In accordance with the organization’s mission, vision and values, the Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the overall finances for FLACRA, Maxwell Hall Corporation and FLACRA Foundation and oversight of all agency property, buildings, equipment and vehicles. The following duties will apply:


1. Oversee all Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Information Technology, payroll and benefits functions.

2. Assures that all financial policies, procedures and practices conform to Federal, State, county and local laws and codes.

3. Assures safekeeping of all agency records.

4. Maintain appropriate insurance coverage for the agency, its officers, directors and employees.

5. Serves on the Executive Team to provide input and implementation of the organization’s Strategic Plan and direction, departmental business work plans, and Business Continuity Plan.

  1. Responsible for providing a positive work environment reflective of the organization’s mission and values.

7. Supervise the functions and personnel in the Finance & Administration Service Department including the IT Department and Maintenance Departments.

8. Oversee, develop and maintain all computer systems and applications.

9. Prepare the agency budget as well as monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports for the Board of Directors, program management, State, Regional and County Administrators and various funding sources.

10. Develop and maintain statistical and performance reporting systems related to financial services and property.

11. Assure timely preparation of the claims for funding sources and third party payors.

12. In coordination with the Executive Committee, approve and monitor all agency purchasing and spending.

13. Coordinate the annual financial audit and develop internal audit procedures.

14. Assist in the preparation of grant and funding requests and follow up.

15. Act as a resource to agency programs and managers as it pertains to Administration and Financial assistance.

16. Develop and analyze the Financial and Administrative ramifications of agency program changes and/or new projects.

17. As a member of the Executive Committee, attend agency board meetings, Executive Committee meetings and other management activities and directed.

18. Perform other duties and functions as directed.

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