Job Information

Organization: Hillside

Posting Start: 05/12/2021

Location: Rochester, NY

Job Title: Community Based Treatment Provider II

Posting End: 07/31/2021

A Brief Job Description:

We are currently hiring for a Community Based Treatment Provider II at our Rochester, NY location.

The Community Based Treatment Provider (CBTP) performs functions that assist in the care and treatment of children/youth and families and assisting children/youth to develop life and social skills in a community based setting and in establishing a safe physical and emotional environment for children/youth and families in care. The CBTP delivers direct services in OMH Waiver and Bridges to Health programs that assist the children/families in meeting their goals/desired outcomes.

This is a full time (40 hour) position with hours being between Monday-Friday with some afternoons/evenings. Flexible schedule.

*Provider is required to deliver services in Wayne County*

Provider must have great time management skills, timely documentation, able to maneuver through an Electronic Medical Record, respond therapeutically to a crisis, and work with children and caregivers in the family’s home, school and community. Client service provision hours typically range from 3-8 pm with occasional meetings occurring during the daytime. Need to be open to providing services in person and/or via Telehealth.

Essential functions of this job include, but are not limited to:

Recognizes differentiating children/youth/families’ behaviors, participates within designated treatment teams to develop service and behavior management plans, and, as appropriate based on skills and experience, executes such plans aimed at assisting children/youth/families to achieve their personal goals and objectives.
Supporting, guiding, mentoring, coaching and reinforcing the child in successful functioning in the home or community. Areas of focus may include task completion, communication, socialization, interpersonal behavior, sensory/motor development, community activities, activities of daily living, problem-solving, managing money, and eliminating maladaptive behaviors.
Providing planned short-term relief for family/caregivers, through direct care of the child, in order to support the family/caregivers in their capacity to nurture the child.
Proactively maintains current knowledge of the children/youth/families emotional/behavior status, assesses the effectiveness of service plans, and supports children/youth/families’ interactions with family and local community.
Provides life skills and social skills training for children/youth/families.
Provides reports on progress on goals and partners with the Care Coordinator.
Demonstrates the emotional confidence and good judgment required to build productive, engaged children/youth/families and family relationships while implementing required rules and routines. Ensures the safety of the children/youth assigned and is thoroughly aware of all procedures relating to emergencies.
Participates as an involved member of service teams demonstrating cooperation with team members and others in order to facilitate positive and efficient outcomes.
Providing assistance to youth as they perform in a work setting and in some cases working directly with employers to educate them on the youth’s disability and needs.
Providing psycho-education and training to family/caregiver to address specific issues.
Performs a wide variety of support tasks including transportation (as required).

Requirements: High school diploma required, Bachelor’s degree preferred. 2 years of working with youth/human services required, 3+ preferred. Candidates should have a valid driver’s license and meet agency driving standards.

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