Job Information

Organization: University of Rochester Medical Center

Posting Start: 12/29/2023

Location: Rochester

Job Title: Crisis Specialist for Psychiatry

Posting End: 07/01/2024

A Brief Job Description:

Support  mentally ill patients in crisis within the Psychiatric units at Strong Memorial Hospital.

  • Provides patients with engagement through discussion, activity and availability to support them in establishing emotional well-being
  • Proactively recognize moments of stress for the patients and provide additional support in order to help maintain a therapeutic environment.
  • Support patient wellbeing through monitoring self care tasks, support in difficult conversations and attendance during court hearings
  • Assist patients to ensure there is clear understanding of the patient's needs, as well as the expectation of safe behaviors on the unit to ensure a safe milieu.
  • Monitor/ensure safe transport of patients from the emergency to inpatient setting.
  • Manages time in order to provide support to multiple psychiatric units within the day

Crisis Specialists are notified when there is a crisis or warning signs of crisis noted by other providers.

  • Crisis Specialists respond to CPEP and/or the inpatient psychiatric units to support the de-escalation of patients, by providing patients with emotional and tangible support to regain behavioral control
  • The Crisis Specialists provide reassurance, validation and support within understanding of being trauma informed and person centered in their approach.
  • Communicates with unit staff and Department of Public Safety as necessary to provide unified support of the patient in psychiatric crisis and to ensure a safe milieu.
  • Engage in physical interventions under digression of nursing staff to ensure patient and staff safety within the psychiatry setting.

Crisis Specialists engage in crisis debriefing with patients and staff following the interaction.

  • Crisis Specialists ensure follow up communication is constructive, understandable, learning focused and relationship restorative with the patient.
  • Communicate to determine how situations can be avoided or resolved more efficiently in the future. Debriefing that cannot take place with the supporting team takes place with the Director of the Crisis Specialists.


  • Crisis Specialist track their day by logging info learned on patient’s likes, dislikes, coping skills and best approaches in supporting the patients.
  • Track time spent and supports provided


  • All Crisis Specialists must complete CPI training provided by Crisis Stabilization Team Director within 3 months of hire
  • Attend monthly staff meetings and trainings provided
  • Orient and train new staff on unit preferences and routine

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Contact Information:

Stephanie Bruder, MHA, MS

Administrator II

Phone: 585-275-3575

Barbara J, Williams

Director of the Crisis Stabilization Team

(585) 275-8647