Job Information

Organization: Arc of Monroe

Posting Start: 09/14/2021

Location: Rochester, NY

Job Title: Director Residential Services

Posting End: 10/29/2021

A Brief Job Description:

Works with Sr. Director to determine strategies and tactics for effective and efficient program operations. Provides oversight to Residential Managers in a supportive and positive fashion by planning, coordinating, supporting and promoting a high quality atmosphere of individual choice. Maintains regulatory and Quality Assurance (QA) standards.

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

*Ensures an organizational structure that supports the retention and development of staff to deliver a high level of services, as well as offer career development for high performers/ high potentials

*Ensures the priorities and structure of the department align with the priorities of the broader organization

*Holds first-line supervisors accountable for managerial work – quality of selection decisions, frequency and quality of performance feedback, and skill at producing results through a team

*Manages employee performance by establishing clear goals and expectations, tracking progress against the goals, ensuring timely feedback and addressing performance problems and issues promptly

*Assists managers in developing or maintaining the skills necessary to drive high employee performance. Ensures an effective learning environment by coaching employees, orchestrating learning opportunities, and providing relevant, high-impact feedback

*Monitors budgets, approves purchase requests, and approves expenses that fall within approval parameters, to ensure appropriate utilization of resources

*Monitors and evaluates current and future trends and needs. Recommends program changes that ensures services are adaptable to changing demographics and needs of individuals, as well as changing funder requirements

*Mediates employee/family/individual issues

*Ensures implementation of all regulatory compliance systems necessary to assure agency policies and procedures such as: event reporting system, physical plant safety, etc. are met

*Provides coverage to residences when there is a Residential Manager vacancy

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Contact Information:

The Arc Of Monroe
2060 Brighton Henrietta Townline Rd
Rochester, NY 14623
Ph. 585.271.0660
Fx. 585.271.7950