Job Information

Organization: Heritage Christian Services

Posting Start: 2022-05-25

Location: Rochester

Job Title: Employment Specialist

Posting End: 2025-05-26

A Brief Job Description:

Join the future of Heritage Christian vocational services!  Are you interested in an exciting opportunity assisting individuals with developmental disabilities in finding Employment Solutions?   You will be an ally to people by encouraging them to achieve their goals to secure and maintain meaningful employment opportunities.  And you will advocate for people with disabilities to have equal access to careers in their communities. Be more than one thing working at Heritage Christian.


  • Work with individuals with developmental disabilities both on and off the job site, developing work related skills
  • Teach others how to be successful in their job by role modeling and providing ongoing feedback and support
  • Assist individuals in handling day to day responsibilities at the job site
  • Facilitate relationships between the individual and employer and co-workers
  • Ensure a safe, positive and meaningful work experience for the individual
  • Completion of required documentation and communication of pertinent information to the individual and his/her support team


  • Bachelor's degree in a human services related field
  • Must be flexible and able to adapt to a variety of work settings and schedules
  • Be willing to travel to a variety of work sites
  • Ability to work independently and be highly organized
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Valid NYS driver license

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Contact Information:

Elinor Zollweg