Job Information

Organization: FLACRA

Posting Start: 08/26/2021

Location: Clifton Springs

Job Title: Maintenance Supervisor

Posting End: 09/30/2021

A Brief Job Description:

The Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for the overall appearance, maintenance and repair associated with all FLACRA facilities and sites. The Maintenance Supervisor is a top supervisory role able to direct, supervise and troubleshoot routine issues that occur on the job site. The following duties will apply:


1. Conduct hiring, recruiting and evaluations for maintenance personnel.

2. Manage facility budget.

3. Manages on call schedule for on call maintenance personnel.

4. Receives and prioritizes day to day maintenance repairs requested by work orders and assures completion in an efficient and timely manner.

5. Coordinate the landscaping of all FLACRA facilities including seasonal activities such a lawn mowing and snow removal.

6. Solicitation and coordination of vendors needed to make necessary repairs at all sites.

7. Solicitation of bids for minor maintenance in accordance with NYS OASAS regulations.

8. Coordinate the maintenance scheduling for all vehicles including notifying the Accounts Payable Coordinator of when vehicle inspections and registrations are due.

9. Coordinate the pickup of shredding at all sites and dealing with the transportation to the shredding facility.

10. Coordinate delivery of supplies to all clinics.

11. Oversee and coordinate inspections of all FLACRA facilities by regulatory agencies.

12. Coordinate pickup and delivery of various donated items.

13. Directly communicate suggestions, concerns and/or complaints to the supervisor in a timely manner.

14. Emphasizing safe use of tools, machinery and equipment while providing training on safety gear, helmets and procedures

15. Developing and managing project budgets and quality standards for all sites

16. Resolving conflicts or miscommunications quickly and amicably

17. Regularly reporting project status to supervisors, site engineers and other officials

Minimum Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalency, five years or facility maintenance experience and two years in a supervisory capacity. Valid NYS Drivers License.

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