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Organization: Villa of Hope

Posting Start: 2022-03-15

Location: Rochester

Job Title: IEP Coordinator/Assistant Principal

Posting End: 2023-03-01

A Brief Job Description:

Villa of Hope helps youth and families rebuild relationships, recover from trauma and renew Hope for their future.
JOB TITLE: IEP Coordinator/Assistant Principal
SUPERVISOR: Director of Education
  • Exercises full compliance with the Agency’s Code of Conduct, all Agency policies and procedures and Federal and State laws and regulations.
  • Maintains confidentiality of information, and uses proper discretion concerning confidential matters.
  • Uses initiative and judgment in discussing problems with the public and school staff, involving office practices and policies.
  • Maintains productive learning environment within the building.
  • Maintains current knowledge in special education field.
  • Assumes responsibility for standardized testing and state testing, including ordering exams, collecting exams, securing exams and scheduling exams.
  • Assists with staff in-service training when deemed appropriate by the director.
  • Monitors and evaluates all local, state and federal programs to determine compliance needs.
  • Provides training and technical assistance to program personnel, including administrators, certified and classified staff to ensure compliance of program requirements.
  • Develops and monitors processes and procedures to assure that accurate information concerning annual and tri-annual mandatory IEP meetings are updated and maintained.
  • Demonstrates, promotes and practices cultural sensitivity towards students and staff through respect and understanding achieved through training and Agency cultural activities.
  • Understands and is sensitive to those of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
  • Coordinates the preparation of each student’s Initial and Annual Review IEP in the school.
  • Provides consultation to teachers involving intake assessments, referrals to other schools, appropriate instructional methods and materials, NYS curriculum and other educational issues as needed.
  • Participates in Individualized Education Program (IEP) development and monitoring progress with respect to goals, objectives and agreed upon services.
  • Evaluates and recommends instructional materials and/or resources.
  • Organizes and analyzes relevant data on students with disabilities to be utilized in school decision making regarding staffing configurations.
  • Participates in Committee on Special Education by reviewing IEPs prior to IEP meeting, facilitates meetings and takes minutes of meetings. Acts as a primary liaison to CSE/PPS staff for day students related to CSE/IEP process.
  • Chairs IEP teams and coordinates services for students placed in school programs.
  • Provides consultation to classroom teachers regarding planning educational programs of new students.
  • Provides consultation to administrators regarding the Special Education process and 504 plans.
  • Assists teachers in the development of the student’s IEP and ensures that IEP recommendations are implemented and that providers of related services on a student’s IEP are aware of his/her IEP responsibilities.
  • Implements NYS assessment program in conjunction with school administration.
  • Ensures proper data entry as related to the ordering of all State assessments.
  • Develop relationships with school districts to request release of educational records.
  • Fulfills all legal requirements as a Mandated Reporter under NYS law and professional ethical standards.
  • Update student profiles by adding SchoolTool SID, district and update maintenance assignments.
  • Schedule CSE meetings through IEP Direct, includes printing out invites for parent/guardian, students and districts to mail.
  • Finalize IEP/504 and mail, scan and upload to eCR.
  • Maintain current knowledge in Special Education field. Knowledge of Special Education law (part 200).
  • Coordinates the multi-disciplinary team to develop, implement, and assure complete, consistent service delivery for each student and family.
  • Obtains and maintains knowledge of public school courses and course requirements in order to assist in students’ transition planning.
  • Plans, coordinates and participates in-service training for the Villa of Hope Schools.
  • Develops and maintains positive relationships with campus and community stakeholders.
  • Knowledge and (certification) of the Dignity Act.
  • Assists with admissions for all students to the Villa of Hope Schools.
  • Represents the Villa of Hope Schools in all inter-agency and local school districts interactions.
  • Oversees FBAs and leads development and implementation of BIPs in coordination with the multidisciplinary team.
  • Assist with collecting and reporting data for state reporting as directed by the Director of Education.
  • Ensures that educational staff provide students with appropriate educational, social and emotional resources, maintaining an awareness of the impact that relationships and activities may have on planned objectives, and reporting such observations to the treatment team.
  • Documents student disciplinary actions in compliance with Agency regulations, SchoolTool and school district reporting, including notification letters to parents/guardians and school district.
  • Establishes and maintains appropriate contacts in the field to ensure reliable and current information.
  • In conjunction with the Director of Education manages the operations of the Villa of Hope Schools program, including direct and indirect services to students, staff and their families.
  • Ensures written and verbal communication within the organization is clear and effective, relative to policy and procedures.
  • Provides supervision to Academic Coordinator, School Counselor, Speech Therapist and Data Specialist, as directed by the Director of Education.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Education.
Leading Self
  • Character and Courage (Integrity and Trust)-
    • Do the right thing, because it is the right thing, even when no one is looking.  Truth to Power.
  • Customer Focus
    • Build positive relationships through communication and collaborative problem solving.
  • Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, Justice and Equity
    • Believe in the dignity and humanity of all people to reach their full potential.
 Leading Others
  • Process Management
    • Develop and monitor processes and organize resources to achieve desired results.
  • Develop Self and Others
    • Continually develop self and others capabilities to attain the highest level of performance possible.
  • Managerial Courage
    • Make difficult decisions, own those decisions, and have difficult conversations, all in the best interest of the agency.

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