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Organization: Villa of Hope

Posting Start: 03/15/2022

Location: Rochester

Job Title: Manager of Children & Family Services

Posting End: 03/01/2023

A Brief Job Description:

Under the general direction of the Chief Program Officer, the Manager of Children & Family Services is responsible for leading and managing regulatory compliance, risk management, staff development, program operations and program budget for the Children & Family Services Programs. The Manager ensures that programs that fall under the scope of this service division are in alignment with the clinical model and strategic direction of the organization. In partnership with other Community Programs the Manager provides support for transition to managed care and pursues new funding opportunities for children and families. Provides clinical supervision and oversight and contract management to the Monroe County contract programs (Transitional, Preventive, DSS Waiting Room and Youth Peer Mentor)as well as the CFTSS services. The Manager carries out all job responsibilities with fidelity and accountability to the Agency’s Mission, Vision, Values, Guiding Principles and Strategic Plan.
  • Exercises full compliance with the Agency’s Code of Conduct, all Agency Policies and Procedures.
  • Maintains confidentiality and security for all client and staff related materials and/or records.
  • Supports and coaches approved crisis intervention/prevention techniques utilizing accepted practices per Agency policy and procedure.
  • Integrates Sanctuary Model into all aspects of the program and culture.
  • Observes and promptly corrects unsafe work conditions and or an employee’s unsafe work habits.
  • Provides and documents regular weekly supervision to direct reports.
  • Provides crisis back up to staff. Maintains and monitors a safety check system for staff.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the changes in children’s behavioral health and child welfare and positions programs to transition to a managed care environment.
  • Participates in design and implementation new service delivery opportunities through the behavioral health system including Children and Family Treatment and Support Services (CFTSS).
  • Leads the team in program strategy development and execution of the strategy plan. Establishes objectives with measurable targets for advancing the program strategy objectives.
  • Develops, implements, and completes quality improvement initiatives in alignment with regulations and agency strategic plan.
  • Monitors staff adherence to program standards i.e. documentation, clinical records polices etc.
  • Provides regular feedback on performance, including annual performance evaluations for staff.
  • In partnership with Program Director designs, implements, and monitors program opportunities
  • Completes and monitors any Performance Improvement Plans and action steps in response to regulatory citations.
  • Leads a program culture that attracts, maintains, and motivates a diverse group of high quality staff and volunteers. Embraces the diversity of teams, supports and develops the strengths of each individual team member.
  • Develops, oversees, and maintains program infrastructure to deliver high quality services to youth and families
  • Delegates and assigns work efficiently to staff, delegating appropriate levels of autonomy while maintaining adequate supervision and support.
  • Provides regular and comprehensive training to staff that supports and ensures skill development across all performance competencies areas.
  • In partnership with Program Director develops, implements, oversees and monitors all program budgets within Family Services Department
  • Reviews actuals to budget at Weekly Team Meeting and then quarterly to all staff to ensure understanding of actuals of revenue and expenses to budget
  • Monitors and evaluates all program utilization on a regular basis. Completes monthly, quarterly and annual reports required by funders.
  • Ensures that program staff receive appropriate training in all identified program models
  • Ensures that all agency required assessments are completed on prescribed time frames and findings are incorporated into the service plan.
  • Maintains regular communication with referral sources including Monroe County child welfare staff, Monroe County Preventive Program liaison and Monroe County Probation
  • Convenes and participates in regular meetings with the Monroe County Department of Human Services administrators to discuss service gaps, referrals, intakes, admissions and discharges as it relates to program utilization.
    • Masters degree, LMSW or LCSW license required.
    • Four years’ experience providing direct care in mental health and substance use disorders field or experience linking to services.
    • Supervisory experience required
    • Proven ability to eliminate barriers to reach across various service providers and develop integrated models of care.
    • Proven ability to be innovative, forward thinking, change ready leader.
    • Proven ability to engage, plan, communicate and understand youth and families.
    • Strong skills in ensuring quality and compliance of documentation and performance duties.
    Physical Demands:
    • N/A


    • Valid NYS driver’s license in good standing and has use of an automobile.
    • Ability to work evening hours as needed.

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