Job Information

Organization: Inclusive Woods & Us

Posting Start: 2022-05-03

Location: Rochester

Job Title: Operations Manager

Posting End: 2022-08-31

A Brief Job Description:

Inclusive Woods & Us (IWU) is a young, grassroots, mission-driven organization, dedicated to creating equitable access to the outdoors for children and adults residing in the city of Rochester. We seek to improve the physical and mental health of Rochester city residents, focusing our efforts on those who have been excluded from regular, positive experiences in nature due to limited, safe, green spaces in the city, and lack of access to the surrounding parks of Monroe County.  We believe that the habitual experience of being in nature provides beauty, life lessons, physical and mental nourishment, and healing, and that this should be available to all populations, and is critically important for children.

The cornerstone of our work is the IWU Day Hike Program, whereby we organize and lead age-appropriate hikes for children in local parks with trained hike leaders.  Hikes are conducted on a regular basis in partnership with local schools and community organizations.  Our Day Hike program also includes hikes for adults and families with children on the weekends.

Position Summary:  The Operations Manager will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the hiking program which includes scheduling and coordinating with partnering organizations, scheduling and coordinating with hike leaders, scheduling of transportation, when necessary, management of our outdoor gear inventory, collecting/maintaining data on hikes, and managing IWU’s social media communications. The Operations Manager will also work with Executive Director and Woods & Us Advisory group in recruiting potential new hike leaders and arranging for them to attend training classes and Red Cross certification.  Full description of job responsibilities is included in the attached pdf.  This is a part-time position, and the work is remote.  Estimated number of hours is 20/week.


Contact Information:

Please send resume and cover note to