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Organization: Blossom: Modern Home Care Solutions of Western New York

Posting Start: 2022-03-23

Location: Buffalo

Job Title: PCA - Personal Care Aide

Posting End: 2022-12-31

A Brief Job Description:

Job Summary:
PCA/HCSS/Respite Staff is responsible for assisting Blossom: Modern Home Care Solutions of Western New York’s clients
with their personal care needs, activities of daily living, home environmental support, safety for the client including
oversight and supervision for all waivered clients; in accordance with their Scope of Practice as a certified Personal Care
Aide II. Works under the supervision of the Registered Nurse/HCSS Supervisor in accordance with NYSDOH/Waivered
regulations (for NHTD/TBI/Respite programs).
Quality of Care:
• Provide clients with assistance with personal care activities including bathing, mouth care, denture care, skin
care, grooming, bathroom care, transferring, ambulation, and dressing and undressing activities.
• Assist clients with housekeeping tasks including planning and preparing meals, feeding, light housekeeping,
changing linens, making beds and laundering clothes and bedding.
• Assist client in safety needs with use of equipment (side rails, foot stools, wheelchairs, etc.).
• Follow the Plan of Care as indicated on the Aide Activity Sheet.
• Observe the client and report any changes or questions regarding his/her condition and report any changes or
questions regarding care to the Clinical Director or RN/HCSS Supervisor.
• Complete all agency records and reports according to agency policy and procedure.
• Accurately document services provided in accordance with agency policy on the day services are rendered.
• Submit documentation in a legible and timely manner per agency policy.
• Establish and maintain effective communication regarding client’s care with client, family, and supervisor.
• Communicates and works cooperatively with other members of health care team, including participating in case
conferences as needed.
Professional Development:
• Attends and participates in nine (9) hours of in-service training annually, staff meetings, Quality Improvement
activities and other meetings as requested; that includes HCBS TBI/NHTD Waiver-specific training.
• Assist, teach and train the participant in activities of daily living (ADLs) through non-medical assistance. This
includes cueing, prompting, and supervision.
• May include aspects from responsibilities listed above.
Responsible To:
• Clinical Director
• RN/HCSS Supervisor
• Assigned Staffing Coordinator
Position Requirements:
• Successful completion of a New York State Health Department approved Personal Care Aide training program or
successful completion of competency testing.
• Prefer minimum six (6) months experience as a certified nursing assistant or home health aide.

Must be at least 18 years old.
• Be able to follow written and verbal instructions.
• Have the ability and skills necessary to meet the waiver participant's needs that will be addressed through the
• Have a valid certificate to indicate successful completion of a forty (40) hour training program for Level II PCA, or
PCA, Alternate Competency Demonstration equivalency testing that is approved by DOH, or an approved HHA
• Attend Basic Orientation Training and Service Specific Training as specified In the HCBS TBl/NHTD Program
Manuals prior to providing any billable services.
• Meet all health requirements specified In 10 NYCRR 766.11.
• Prefer, but not required, one (1) year experience as HCSS staff.
• Able to work with minimal supervision.
• Able to read and write consistent with job requirements.
• Able to read and write English.
• Able to work independently and possess good time management skills.
• Pass a physical examination and immunization requirements after being offered employment and complete a
health assessment annually, thereafter, including being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and to have received
any booster or supplemental dose as recommended by the CDC, absent receipt of a medical exemption.
• Possess a valid driver’s license and have a reliable car available for use.
• Complete Blossom’s orientation program.
• Able to lift up to 25 pounds; able to sit, stand, bend, stoop, pull, reach, lift, and perform repetitive movements
of the upper extremities.
Environmental Conditions:
• May be exposed to unsanitary conditions in some home settings.
• May be exposed to high crime areas within the community.
• May be exposed to weather and temperature extremes.
• May be exposed to infectious or communicable disease.

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Lorretta Saraceni - Hiring Manager 585-546-1600 ext. 4114