Job Information

Organization: The Center for Youth

Posting Start: 06/21/2021

Location: Rochester, NY

Job Title: Relief Resident Assistant – Arnett House

Posting End: 07/30/2021

A Brief Job Description:

This is a part-time (up to 24 hours per week), relief position. All shifts available including days, evenings, overnights, weekends.

The Arnett House team provides independent living supports and services to homeless and runaway youth 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, year-round, with a focus on LGBTQ+ and trafficked youth. Relief Resident Assistants strive to engage and establish mutually respectful, trusting relationships with the young people we serve. Residents are approached from a strength and asset-based perspective and staff form partnerships with them to help facilitate the identification of issues, concerns and needs and develop strategies to meet those needs. The ultimate goal of the team is to provide transitional care and support to RHY in a safe, respectful environment and to work with them to resolve the issues which led to their homelessness so that they can ultimately, secure and maintain a stable living environment.

Pay is $12.50/hr for days and $13/hr for overnights.

Contact Information:

fax: 585-271-8134