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Organization: Heritage Christian Services

Posting Start: 04/26/2021

Location: Rochester

Job Title: Residential Leadership Positions

Posting End: 12/31/2025

A Brief Job Description:

The leadership opportunities available include:

Shift Coordinator – Coach and motivate co-workers to offer and deliver services and experiences that are meaningful. In addition to direct support, the shift coordinator organizes schedules, provides direction for co-workers, and plays a key role in helping to realize life plans and personal experiences that are important to the people supported.

Assistant Manager – Work closely with the residence manager to oversee efficient and meaningful operations of the home with the people living there at top of mind. Provide leadership to direct support staff so they can effectively assist people with being active, participating members of their communities. Plays a key role in training new team members on their job responsibilities, while providing consistent feedback on their performance.

Medical Liaison – Follow and coordinate the services needed to support the health and medical needs of people supported. In addition to direct support, the medical liaison schedules medical appointments, updates communications to be sure doctors' orders are followed, organizes medications and supplies, and communicates necessary information.

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Elinor Zollweg
Talent Sourcing Specialist