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Organization: Hillside

Posting Start: 04/26/2021

Location: Bath, NY

Job Title: RTA Support Professional (Relief)

Posting End: 07/31/2021

A Brief Job Description:

The Raise the Age (RTA) Support Professional performs functions that assist in the care and treatment of youth and families through providing more rehabilitative services for young offenders, reducing recidivism and protecting teens from potentially traumatic or violent encounters in adult prisons.

This is a relief / Per Diem position. Mostly evenings and weekends.

Hours are needed during the evenings and weekends.

Support Professional role includes, but not limited to:
•Recognizes differentiating youth behaviors, participates within designated service teams to develop treatment and behavior management plans, and, as appropriate based on skills and experience, executes such plans aimed at assisting youth to achieve their personal goals and objectives
•Recognizes and addresses aggressive youth behavior and is trained and proficient in behavior management and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI), including the use of physical interventions (holds).
•Utilizes a Risk-Need-Responsivity (RNR) framework for treatment of these youth which includes focusing supervision and services on youth most likely to reoffend, addresses a youth’s greatest criminogenic needs, and identifies a youth’s barriers to learning and improving his/her behavior, and tailors services to overcome them
•Demonstrates the emotional confidence and good judgment required to build productive, engaged youth and family relationships while implementing required rules and routines. Ensures the safety of the youth assigned and is thoroughly aware of all procedures relating to emergencies
•Acts an involved member of treatment team through demonstrating cooperation with team members in order to facilitate positive and efficient outcomes which include improving community safety and reducing recidivism post-discharge
•Meets the highest standards for ethical and professional conduct at all times and towards all and follows all applicable HFA Polices/Procedures, government regulations and funder regulations/Laws as required.
•Responsible for managing youth activities within an individual or group dynamic, assuring the safety of the youth assigned, and applying appropriate emergency and crisis intervention principles and techniques
•Proactively maintains current knowledge of the youth emotional/behavior status, assesses the effectiveness of treatment plans, and supports youth/family interactions with family and local community; continually develops skills to improve outcomes
•Uses verbal de-escalation skills as required
•Acts as a mandated reporter of child abuse and/or neglect; provides support as needed to youth under care, assisting foster care families with the development of behavior management routines as needed

Requirements: High School/GED diploma and 2 years of experience is required OR Associates degree and 1.5 years of experience OR bachelor’s degree and 1 year of experience. Candidates must have a Valid NYS driver’s license and must meet agency driving requirements.

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