Job Information

Organization: Delphi Rise

Posting Start: 2022-06-01

Location: Ontario, NY

Job Title: School-Based Counselor/Educator

Posting End: 2022-08-31

A Brief Job Description:

  1. POSITION: School-Based Counselor/Educator


  1. SUPERVISOR: Program Director - Prevention Services



The Substance Abuse Counselor is responsible for providing intervention services to those individuals who are substance abusers or who may be "high risk" for substance abuse and related problems. The goal to reduce individual risk factors and increase protective factors This process begins with identifying the "at risk" individual, conducting an assessment and providing intervention services through discharge or referral. In addition, the Counselor may be called upon to do presentations related to drug use/abuse awareness both in school and community settings. The Counselor will work towards developing service linkages with school and agency personnel, where possible.  Candidates possessing traits and strengths in the areas of creativity, student outreach, and innovation related to substance use prevention will be of particular interest.


A. Client Services:

  1. Provide intervention services, including individual, group or family counseling, to individuals identified as "at risk" for substance abuse/use and related problems;
  2. Provide outreach services to engage students and families who may be unable to attain services elsewhere.
  3. Maintain client records as required;
  4. Conduct assessments at intake to determine each clients/students individual needs;
  5. Develop individualized services plans for each client/student addressing all needs identified at intake, including appropriate support services;
  6. Work with schools or other agencies in networking for client services and making appropriate referrals;
  7. Provide case management services to all clients until the substance abuse issues are resolved or more appropriate services are identified and the client is successfully referred;
  8. Provide follow-up/after care services for clients/students as appropriate;
  9. Maintain client confidentiality in accordance with Federal Law.

B. School/Community:

  1. Provide outreach services to school and community groups in the form of classroom curriculum, presentations, drug awareness presentations, in-service to faculty or other agencies;
  2. Consult with school and/or community agencies for people not involved in direct service, as appropriate;
  3. As time permits, be available to the students, parents, faculty and the community at-large.

C. Agency:

  1. Attend staff meetings and consultations as well as participate in case conferences;
  2. Participate in supervision with the Program Director;
  3. Compile data on monthly activities;
  4. Attend trainings and workshops to keep abreast of current drug abuse trends, techniques and for skill development;
  5. Prepare and develop prevention counseling/education materials;
  6. Any other task which may be required.

C. Qualifications: The minimum requirements for this position are:

  1. A Master’s Degree in Counseling, Social Work, Psychology or related field (REQUIRED);
  2. A CASAC, CPP, or other NYS recognized QHP status preferred
  3. One year of experience in counseling in a school or social service setting preferred


Position Follows School Year Calendar.

Paid Summers Off

Excellent Benefits!


Delphi Rise is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Contact Information:

Please send resumes to Alexander LiPera, HR Administrator.