Job Information

Organization: The Community Place of Greater Rochester

Posting Start: 05/14/2021

Location: Rochester

Job Title: Senior Companion (Coordination) – Bilingual

Posting End: 08/31/2021

A Brief Job Description:

Work Hours: Monday-Friday 37.5 hours per week

Under the direct supervision of the SCP Program Coordinator, the Program Assistant shall be responsible for the following:


• Prepares and submits a monthly activity report describing the activities for the month.
• Create and maintain Senior Companion volunteer database.
• Prepare and send all time sheets to SC volunteers.
• Complete payroll for all volunteers.
• Prepare and send payroll statements to all volunteers every other month.
• Assist Senior Programs staff in team review of consumer referrals and Senior Companion placements and
provides in-home placements.
• Create and send monthly newsletter to all volunteers.
• Create and send newsletter to all Volunteer Station liaisons.
• Complete mileage and hourly reports for SCP.
• Clerical support to programs as needed.
• Recruitment of low-income seniors volunteers in Monroe County
• Interview new volunteers
• Performs site visits and prepares site visit notes.
• Assists to resolve problems concerning a volunteer/site/client.
• Coordinates all transportation for SCP volunteers for work days, meetings and special events.
• Maintain SCP clients data base.


• Provide on-going strategies to recruit new volunteers to Team.
• Assist with the distribution of promotional materials, such as press releases & Public Service
Announcements pertaining to recruitment, to area newspapers, newsletters, church bulletins, etc.

Training and Presentations

• Prepare and bring all appropriate materials to monthly In-service training sessions for Senior Companions.
• Provide opportunities for volunteers to share experiences and approaches in dealing with children/frail
• Ensure that all materials for orientation training for new Senior Companions are prepared and available.


• Assist in planning and implementing recognition events; Annual Recognition Event, annual picnic,
December holidays, Thanksgiving, trips, etc.


• Adheres to personnel policies and procedures for project staff consistent with those of sponsor.
• Maintains and develops cooperative working relations with a variety of community organizations and
• Attends conferences, meetings and trainings related to the position.
• Assists with fund raising and other special events.
• Performs related work as required.


Preferred: Graduate of an accredited college or university with a major in human services OR the equivalent in experience.

Planning, organizing, and training capabilities.
Ability to deal effectively with community agencies.
Ability to relate effectively with the elderly.
Ability to use computer (Windows, Word, Publisher, Excel, Access)
Ability to work as a TEAM member.
Ability to be flexible.

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The Community Place of Greater Rochester

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