Job Information

Organization: Catholic Family Center

Posting Start: 06/14/2021

Location: Rochester, NY

Job Title: Vice President of Behavioral Health

Posting End: 09/30/2021

A Brief Job Description:

With general supervision from Chief Program and Strategy Officer, serves as the Direct Supervisor of all behavioral health programs within CFC, including but not limited to our Mental Health Clinic, Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation Treatment (IPRT), Restart Outpatient, Restart Residential, and the Employee Assistance Program of Rochester (EAP) to ensure quality of services delivered. Effectively supports ongoing and collaborative communication amongst all program staff, and is responsible for ensuring a trauma informed care environment.

Applicants must have a Masters level education, MSW or MS in Mental Health field to qualified as well as Licensed Clinical Social Worker Certification. We are looking for an experienced professional with minimal 8-10 years of experience. Please visit the Catholic Family Center Career page to apply.

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Contact Information:

Ashley Evans
HR Recruiting Partner
585-546-7220 ext. 7073