Prevention, Access, Self-Empowerment and Support (PASS)

PASS is a mentoring program for Monroe County adolescents ages 13 to 17 who are facing challenges in their daily lives. Adolescents learn life skills such as anger management, self-esteem building, job interviewing skills, decision making, goal setting, personal social skills, self-motivating skills and much more. The program provides an environment to practice what they learn and use the new skills to create new paths towards lifelong goals. The program is of no cost to the families, and covers, transportation, meals, materials, social events, lodging and accommodations.

Each family is assigned a junior mentor for the adolescent and an adult mentor for the parents/guardians. The workshops for the adolescents are separate from those of the parents. Community leaders are active participants, and on occasion, make presentations at the workshops to the families. Adolescents usually do much better when their parents are active participants in the program. PASS is highly participatory and designed to engage adolescents and their families through learning in a fun environment. The program engages a continuous improvement model.

PASS is sponsored by Monroe County Office of Mental Health and managed by Coordinated Care Services, Inc. (CCSI). The PASS Program was established in 1996 and has supported parents and adolescents from across New York State. One of the foundational principles of the PASS Program is based on the “Eight Keys of Excellence.” They are:

  • Live in integrity
  • Take ownership
  • Speak with good purpose
  • Stay flexible
  • Keep your balance
  • Affirm your commitment
  • Live in the now – this is it
  • Acknowledge that failure leads to success

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For additional information, contact the program manager Neville Morris at (585) 341-2230 work, (607) 765-5656 cell, or

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