Trusted Business Financial Consultants

CCSI works with our customers to provide a wide range of financial officer supports including managing fiscal processes and deliverables.  We have years of experience supporting the accounting functions along with monitoring and oversite of behavioral health contractual services.  CCSI works with customers to develop innovative tools to meet their unique needs.  Our staff has expertise in research methods, design and analysis necessary to meet all of the rigorous requirements and deliverables of federal, state, and local funders with a focus on funding efficiency. We provide trainings for new County Fiscal Officer positions as well as NYS’s Consolidated Fiscal Reporting system. 

Financial Consultant Supporting Resources

NYS Office of Mental Health’s Article 31 Freestanding Clinic Vital Access Provider (VAP) Program – PowerPoint Presentation

Financial Services Updates

  • 10/6/20 – Upcoming Deadlines, State Aid Funding, 2019 CFR Claims, Preparing for the Year End, Contract Adjustments and Budget Amendments
  • 8/27/20 – Upcoming Deadlines, State Aid Funding, Upper Payment Limit (UPL) Supplemental Payments, SAMHSA How to Develop a Competitive Grant Application Webinar
  • 3/23/20 – 2019 CFR Due Date, NYS CFR Software, Quick CFR Reminder, County LGUs: 2020 OMH County Allocation Tracker (CAT)
  • 2/24/20 – Updates for County LGUs and Service Provider Agencies: Consolidated Fiscal Report (CFR)
  • 1/27/20 – NYS OMH 2020 State Aid, NYS OASAS 2020 State Aid, CFR Training
  • 11/27/19 – Upcoming Due Dates, 2019 OMH County Allocation Tracker (CAT), Federal Medicaid Cost Reports & County Allocation Plans (CAP), Reminder: Get your Equipment Approvals from NYS OMH, OASAS, OPWDD!
  • 10/31/19 – Upcoming Due Dates, 2019 NYS CFRS Training, 2019 OMH County Allocation Tracker (CAT), 2019 Provider Agency Contracts,  Accounting for Unallocated State Aid, Federal Medicaid Cost Reports & County Allocation Plans (CAP),  OMH Clinic Safety Net Payments
  • 9/30/19 – 2018 Final Claims Should be Submitted and Approved, OMH COLA, OPWDD Updates, Preparing for the End of the Year, Contract Adjustments and Budget Amendments
  • 9/3/19 – NYS OASAS 2020 Budget Packages are Out, Other OASAS Updates, Children’s Single Point of Access (SPOA) Continued Enhanced Funding
  • 7/31/19 – Federal Medicaid Administrative Cost (FMAC) Payments, OASAS State Aid Letters, OASAS Budget Packets, OMH Closeouts, HCBS Family Peer Support Services
  • 6/26/19 – LGU Reminder – 2018 Claims, Quarterly LGU Cost Reports (FMAC), OPWDD Re-Basing and VAP Reports
  • 5/24/19 – 2018 Provider CFRs and County Approved Claims, 2018 OMH CAT, OMH Prior Year Closeouts, Federal Medicaid Administrative Cost Report (FMAC)
  • 2/28/19 – CFR Update, CFR Training & Preparation, and NYS Sanctions and Penalties Details,
  • 1/29/19 – CFR Training Opportunities, 2019 Funding Updates, Random Moment Time Studies
  • 12/12/18 – Upper Payment Limit, 2018 County Allocation Tracker, State Aid Planning, State Aid Payment Timing, and Federal Medicaid Administration Cost Reports
  • 11/6/18 – Upcoming State Due Dates, New Funding Opportunity, County Allocation Tracker (CAT) & Funding Updates, Federal Medicaid Cost Reports & County Allocation Plans (CAP)
  • 10/11/18 – 2017 Final Claims Should be Submitted and Approved, Forecasting for the End of the Year, Contract Adjustments and Budget Amendments

Our staff fill the need for financial officer supports in several ways, from phone support to back-office support to acting as the county fiscal officer for many customers.  We focus on developing a close team-work approach that values flexibility, quality, efficiency and effectiveness.  It is through these values that we implore the development of new processes and tools. Our team brings the unique skills of navigating the NYS Mental Hygiene System as well as other State and Federal systems for fiscal monitoring and reporting.  Examples of our work are as follows:

Our team currently provides a range of services to support the role of the County Fiscal Officer.  In this capacity, we provide phone support to questions, analysis, guidance, as well as direct supports to internal accounting, finance, program, and management staff.  Our staff provide support to improve internal accounting, accounts receivable, payments, budget development, and various other fiscal functions. We provide fund monitoring, management and oversite, including communicating with service providers and review and monitoring of all related financial deliverables. Our team audits deliverables according to fund guidance, communicates with fund providers, and ensures funding maximization and efficiency.  Further, our team prepares any fund reporting deliverables, works with auditors for approval, and submits all required documentation to their respective oversite agencies.  We have the flexibility with our team and the ability to pull in resources from other areas of CCSI to fulfill most needs of the customer.

Our team has worked with customers to develop innovative tools to fulfill needs or to redesign processes.  Our belief in efficiency and effectiveness drives us to brain storm creative solutions that has led to automated process development, data collection and reporting with significant savings in time through elimination of tasks and data entry, etc.  We believe in fully utilizing current technologies and incorporating new technologies into our solutions.

Our team provides fiscal management and support to County Government Units and local service providers for NYS Office of Mental Health, Office of Alcohol & Substance Abuse Services, and Office for People with Developmental Disabilities program funding and services.  In this role, we review, manage, and disseminate the communications from NYS around programs, funding, and reporting and deliverables.  With our expertise in programs, funding, and guidelines, we have assisted our customers by providing leadership and/or preparing and completing the required deliverables.  These deliverables include, but not limited to, budgets, quarterly claims, final claims reports, Federal Administration Cost reports, etc.

We believe that trainings can provide essential knowledge and development for staff.  We have assisted our customers in providing Financial Officer training as well as the rigorous requirements and deliverables of federal, state, and local funders.  Our goal is to improve the overall quality of work, improve comprehension, maximize fund efficiency and reduce the risk of funding disallowances.