Create a culture of compliance

We work with you to ensure your compliance program meets all regulations and is designed for sustainability, with a specific focus on quality of service, policy and procedure development, audit implementation, and board and leadership level training.  CCSI’s compliance team provides organizations with various compliance supports, ranging from single staff trainings to full-service Compliance Officer.


Full Development of Compliance Programs

Set the framework and implement a program focused on ethics, equity and accountability, while also meeting all regulatory requirements.


Gap Analysis and Risk Management

Identify and mitigate any gaps and potential risks in your compliance program utilizing recommended, established methods.


Compliance Officer Role-Based Assessment and Training

Understand how your Compliance Officer functions currently within your organization and employ a training and mentoring plan for further growth of this role.


Comprehensive Training

Equip your workforce, leadership and Board of Directors with the training plan they need to commit to and deliver an effective compliance program


Policy Development and Implementation

Create and operationalize “user-friendly” compliance policies including Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest, Identification and Reporting of Compliance Issues, Investigations, Records Management, Exclusion Screening and more