Diversity Assessment & Strategy Building

CCSI supports organizations in developing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy that is aligned with and embedded into your organization’s culture, mission and goals. Your DEI strategy is a journey which typically spans three years, consisting of top-down and bottom-up efforts. The strategic plan includes goals that link organizational business outcomes with DEI results, as well as goals that call for systemic change through individual approaches to education and learning.

Learning and Development

CCSI’s in-person learning experiences cover a range of diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence topics. The goal is to meet people where they are and educate rather than train. Training efforts are typically designed as one-time events with a focus on tolerance and sensitivity— and perhaps a small amount of skill building. Education is developmental, ongoing, and focuses on competency-building through practice, reflection, and intentionality. Educational topics can be tailored to the specific type of business, industry or organization as well as the number of participants. Learning experiences focus on:

• Understanding diversity
• Using diversity to create an inclusive environment
• Fostering authenticity
• Understanding and avoiding “Groupthink”
• Fostering cultural competence
• Explore identities and intersectionality
• Using power, privilege and agency to dismantle structural racism
• Engaging in bold, inclusive conversations
• Cracking the code of implicit bias
• Facilitating inclusion and equity dynamics for leaders


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