Certified Grant Writing Services

Complete preparation of response to Federal, State or Local funding solicitations. We partner with you to frame your project concept into a competitive proposal, working with you to understand your project goals and desired outcomes. CCSI’s experienced grants team will fully prepare the proposal and required attachments and deliver a full package, ready for signature and upload or submission. We work with you throughout the preparation process to ensure that the proposal reflects your project design and community environment, including multiple opportunities for your review and input.

Proposal Review and Editing

Get a second set of eyes and critique of your proposal. Rely on our team’s long history of successful grant work – writing and editing – to conduct a complete review of your proposal prior to submission. We will both edit your narrative for edits and clarity and conduct an analysis against the funder’s criteria to identify opportunities to improve your likelihood of funding.

Preparation of Proposal Components

Challenged by completing sections of your proposal? Get expert support for completion of those sections. Our consulting staff bring the technical expertise needed to complete sections of your proposal. We will provide the technical support and prepare these sections.

Need Data Support? We can provide the data to formulate your Statement of Need, with attention paid to using data to support your project design, local needs and meeting funder requirements.

Need Research Citations? We will conduct a literature search to support your use of interventions to address identified needs and population of focus.

Need Budget Support? We will work with you to create a project budget that is within funder guidelines and will fully prepare the budget and budget narrative for submission.

Need support for Evaluation or Performance Management? Our experienced team will prepare the data collection, performance management and evaluation section of your proposal, preparing a plan for the collection, analysis and use of data for CQI, incorporating any funder required data elements or systems.