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Consulting Services Tailored for Your Organization​


Value-based Payment Success

Be ready to successfully meet the requirements of a value-based payment environment. We partner with you to assess and elevate your current practices, to understand and improve your fiscal models, and help you define and demonstrate your impact to your stakeholders.


Strategic Analysis & Quality Improvement

Measure your results. Demonstrate your effectiveness. Learn from your experience. Our consulting staff bring the technical expertise, coupled with the “real world” community experience needed to help you to “measure what matters” and put your data to use to understand performance, drive improvement, and maximize your impact.


Strategic Planning

Set your organization’s course for the future. Our experienced consultants partner with you to develop a roadmap to support capacity building within your organization. We help you to assess and understand changes in the external environment as well as your current infrastructure, workforce, and internal processes so that you can develop your strategy for continued successful growth and development.


Practice Transformation

Transform the way you deliver services. Successful programs and services rely heavily on ensuring that staff at all levels have the skills and expertise needed for their increasingly complex and demanding work. CCSI’s expert staff work with you to clarify your priorities, deliver training in key areas, such as trauma-responsive practicemotivational interviewingcultural competence, health equity – and to help you implement, sustain and spread these practices throughout your organization, building your capacity and helping to ensure lasting results.

Meet Our Team

CCSI’s Consulting Services brings together a team of staff members with demonstrated expertise in the areas needed to help our customers meet these increasingly complex requirements, including: data capture, storage, and visualization; statistical methods; financial analysis and management;  program development; program evaluation and quality improvement;  training /practice implementation support; and stakeholder engagement.   We believe that providing an efficient way to access this full range of expertise and support will help us to deliver the integrated solutions our customers need to understand and articulate their impact on the system of care.

Examples of Our Work

CCSI’s Consulting Services supports human and health services customers in identifying and tracking measures that accurately reflect the impact of their work on the individuals being served and the system of care as a whole. Examples of our work include:


Equity in Education: Having the Courage to Change and the Knowledge to Act

Overview: Supporting students to achieve at their highest potential is our goal in education. Equity in education is about everyone, yet today, we do not see success for all. There is opportunity to use data to lead us towards equitable outcomes. We will examine the role of data to inform decision-making and explore the natural partnership between Trauma Informed Care and Culturally Responsive Education as a path to transform our practice. Grounded in the experiences of our consultant team, this…

Presenter: Betty García Mathewson, Senior Consultant | Nancy Sung Shelton, Senior Consultant | Amy Scheel-Jones, Senior Consultant | Francesca Tangredi, Manager of Strategic Analytics

Date and Time: 4/28/2021 12:00:00 PM

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Leadership Through Change: Personal Lessons from a Former CEO

Overview: In a world increasingly defined by uncertainty and chaos – the need for effective leadership is more urgent than ever. Leaders aren’t born but made and can sit anywhere in an organization. Sharing his reading experience, mistakes, and hard won lessons, Chris will discuss the qualities, behaviors and strategies that define leadership.

Presenter: Chris Copeland, MSW | Director, Consulting Services

Date and Time: 5/19/2021 12:00:00 PM

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An Organizational Diversity Survey Primer: Who are you? What do you want? Why are you here?

Overview: Organizations are seeking to create inclusive and welcoming environments and may not realize that so many of their employees do not feel visible. Standard demographic evaluations of employees may be creating a culture of silence and invisibility. Re-examine the way you ask demographic questions and how it can inform a lot about your organization as well as about the quality of service your organization provides within your community! In this webinar we will demonstrate the creation of a…

Presenter: Nancy Sung Shelton, MA | Senior Consultant, Cultural Competence, Equity, and Social Justice | Mary Moussa Rogers, MA | Clinical Psychology Intern

Date and Time: 6/23/2021 1:30:00 PM

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