Supervision approaches, progress monitoring and collegial support create opportunities for increased skill development and deeper application of acquired knowledge. CCSI is experienced in working with a variety of modalities to support organizations and schools in growing their internal capability and shaping a sustainable organizational culture.

Coaching Sessions

To support staff in their ongoing learning, coaching sessions will be provided once training has begun to support continued learning and practice for a core team of trauma-informed champions. These coaching sessions will give staff and supervisors, who have a high interest in trauma-informed care work, opportunities to ask questions and get ongoing support from the consultant/trainer as they work towards implementing trauma-informed practices.

Collegial Learning Circle (CLC)

Collegial Learning Circle (CLC) builds upon foundational trauma-informed care knowledge with an emphasis on developing concrete and practical strategies to support service recipients. Participants in CLC are identified as “trauma champions” who have strong interests in developing their trauma-responsive skills and are motivated to share and infuse these practices within their work environments.

College Learning Circles are conducted in small and intimate learning groups. Through clear and readable explanations of current research and enlightening vignettes, participants will understand how trauma and adversity affect the key elements of a person’s social and emotional development and how resiliency can be fostered for positive growth.

By the end of the CLC session(s), learners will be able to:
• Contrast their current practices with those suggested in the readings
• Identify trauma-responsive practices that are appropriate for implementation in individual settings
• Construct a plan for implementing identified, trauma-responsive practices

Learning Collaborative

This service aims to provide information, training and technical assistance to organizations regarding facilitating learning collaboratives. CCSI proposes a one-day, intensive training meeting followed by a series of formal and informal technical assistance opportunities. The intent is to provide organizations with an overview of the learning collaborative approach, sample tools and materials that they may wish to adapt and use with organizations participating in their learning collaboratives, and practical guidance related to some of the more nuanced aspects of facilitating a learning collaborative, such as using Plan-Do-Check-Act continuous quality improvement principles.

Review of Policies and Procedures

The CCSI Consultant works with leadership or an identified individual to review existing policies and procedures to better understand current trauma-informed care practices at the organizational level. The consultant will provide a report that includes recommendations for supporting a trauma-responsive service delivery environment within the framework of SAMHSA’s 10 domains and the core values of trauma-informed care: Safety, Trustworthiness, Choice, Collaboration and Restoring Power. The recommendations focus on strategies for practice change and how the policies and procedures of an organization can have a deep impact on staff and the people they serve.