Dismantling Racism and Building Equity

Racial Equity Training and Workshop Services, Coaching, and more

Right now, the entire country is paying attention to racism and police violence, but anti-racism can’t be something people think about only temporarily in this moment, it has to be a commitment that is made to ourselves, our communities, and the agencies in which we work.  As an organization, CCSI continues our work of 30 years to eliminate systemic and institutional inequities across our community. We offer a range of services from workshops and trainings, to data analysis, consultation and coaching. Connect with us at askccsi@ccsi.org for more details. 

Supporting your journey toward dismantling racism and building racial equity


Identify commonly marginalized populations served by your organization, and implement programs and practices that improve equitable outcomes.


Develop a strategic plan that links your organization's business outcomes with diversity, equity, and inclusion results.


Engage in training, professional development, and learning experiences to improve awareness and knowledge, build skills and competencies, and drive practice change. 

The list below includes just a few of our many offerings, so visit our Cultural Competence - Equity and Social Justice and Practice Transformation pages for full lists of trainings and workshops.

  • What is Structural Racism?
  • Racism, Prejudice and Discrimination
  • Confronting Health Disparities
  • Poverty Simulations
  • Organizational and Team Culture
  • Culture, People and Me: Working with Diverse People
  • Trauma-Informed Through a Cultural Competence Lens

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Cultural Competence – Equity and Social Justice

Culturally Intelligent Transformation through Innovative Approaches and Courageous Change

Through expert consultation and technical assistance, our team supports organizations in the enhancement of existing, or the designing of new, practices and programs. By formally incorporating cultural competence as a business imperative throughout the organization, you will be engaged in various activities with our team that work to achieve improved and desired results. Activities include: examining current practices; strategic planning and implementation; specialized education, training, and development of your leadership, workforce, customers, and stakeholders; collection of community and stakeholder feedback to inform improvements; and courageous cultural shifts.


Diversity & Inclusion

CCSI supports organizations in developing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy that is aligned with and embedded into your organization’s culture, mission and goals.  The strategic plan includes goals that link organizational business outcomes with DEI results, as well as goals that call for systemic change through individual approaches to education and learning.


Racial Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI)

CCSI is involved with over 20 other organizations in the Greater Rochester area to take an active role in helping to reduce and eliminate the effects of structural racism. The Racial Equity and Justice (REJI) initiative seeks to address racism by focusing on organizational change and building community capacity for racial equity. Each participating organization has a team that helps their organization develop concrete action plans to change policies, procedures and structures that perpetuate inequity.


Poverty Simulations

This powerful exercise is designed to help community leaders, health and human service providers, area businesses, and other community stakeholders deepen their understanding of the day-to-day challenges faced by those living in poverty and how current systems, policies, and practices create barriers. 


Anti Racism Resources

We've compiled a list of useful resources to help deepen our customers understanding of racism in order to begin dismantling it. Check out the extensive list of resources here.

Customer Testimonials

Read more here.

Poverty Simulation Feedback:"I have never before experienced such a well planned, effective and efficient stimulation program.  For me, I was reminded in real time, of places, feelings and struggles that are a part of my past.  It reminded me of promises I had made during my hardship, to change the judgment and prejudice of the world as it was and still is. I realized I had done little with that promise. I felt sad, ashamed and angry. The tools provided and those that weren't provided, gave purpose to the risk individuals or families continue  take for survival.  My time spent at the event was thought provoking.  The flexibility of "free will" gave understanding to why one may commit suicide, theft, drugs or allow life to live while their spirit is dead, was proof of my need to do more. I hope my Foundation and business becomes a beacon within my community and surrounding communities implementing or become a part change. Thank you Nancy Sung Shelton for another phenomenal experience!.  Your talent is remarkable and is needed.  You delivered an elegant and seamless experience for me and I am grateful."~Jenny Dozier
   Community Member

“Cultural Competence, A Journey to Improved Outcomes" Train-the-Trainer Training Feedback:
"The CCSI Cultural Competency Training is extremely relevant given all that is occurring, and has continued to occur, in the world.

The training challenged me to look at myself honestly and to recognize, identify and reflect on the biases, beliefs and privilege in which I was raised along with acknowledging the educational, economic and political systems that propagate inequality. It revealed to me the lens in which I view Black, Indigenous and People of Color.

The training took me out of my comfort zone--- a necessary journey if one is seeking to recognize, in order to eliminate, implicit bias, microaggressions, systemic racism and oppression.

The training inspired me to change the way I view, and walk in, the world. I am grateful to the trainers, and my fellow cohort members, for supporting me, teaching me, and helping me grow as a human being. I am forever thankful."

 ~Jerry Farnett, LMSW, CASAC 2, MA   Case Manager/Community Care Hub
   Adjunct Instructor/Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counseling Program
   Onondaga Community College/SUNY
   NYS OASAS Provider for Cultural Competency Training

CCSI Endorses the Greater Rochester Black Agenda Group's May 19th Declaration "RACISM IS A PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS"

Whether working internally with our our own employees, or with outside organizations, we are committed to dismantling structural racism. 

Connect with us at askccsi@ccsi.org


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