Nancy Sung-Shelton is a Senior Consultant, Cultural Competence & Health Equity
Ms. Sung-Shelton is a Senior Consultant in Consulting Services. In this role, she provides an array of consultation, technical assistance and training support to organizations. She has more than years of experience working with disadvantaged and underserved populations in a variety of management positions.  Her work experience has included working in the Criminal Justice, Family Law, Child Protection and Advocacy, Human Services, I/DD and Behavioral and Physical Healthcare systems, as well extensive work with community-based organizations and families and youth.   Ms. Shelton is especially devoted to serving individuals who have been marginalized by society, and have been underserved, underrepresented and economically disadvantaged.   Ms. Reid-Rose and Ms. Sung-Shelton will be supported by a cross-functional team with the skills and expertise needed to carry out all of the activities describe above.